Moleskine Surprise Boxes


For your gift-giving in the coming holidays you may consider these attractive "Surprise Boxes" featured by Patrick Ng in his blog. He explains that "they are called surprise boxes for reason that the content is not exactly known to consumer. For example, in the Artistic set you get a pocket diary, classic large notebook and a large Cahier, but you won't know which style or color you will get…"

If you're into unexpected (more or less) presents and within their shipping area, check out SCRIPTION.

3 thoughts on “Moleskine Surprise Boxes

  1. Way cool. No word yet if these are custom jobs for Patrick’s shop, an Asia market-only release from Moleskine, or a product that will hit the shelves all over the planet just in time for xmas.

    Speaking of boxes for notebooks, the “Twilight” phenomenon has spun off a collector tin that contains three plain notebooks. A Molie tin is a product I would buy.

    david boise ID

  2. David, it is for Asia market as a trial. We tried to have apple pie sleeves to put volant as gift last year but it didn’t work well. A box which looks exactly like Moleskine only larger and double as a storage will definitely be better. Tin box is interesting, it must have impeccable design though.

    Bill, after you take away the 3 notebooks inside these surprise boxes, they are hollow 🙂

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