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Welcome to OPEN SESSION:  The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion.

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An island in the middle of nowhere…lost in a souk in Morocco…atop a castle in the British Isles….if money were no object and your stash of Moleskine was bottomless, where would you take your notebook? Let your imaginations roam!


(Image: Timbuktu seen from a distance by Heinrich Barth’s party, Sept. 7th 1853/ Wikipedia)

7 thoughts on “OPEN SESSION: The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion

  1. If money and Moleskines were no object???? ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!! I think I would start here in the US. I’m in Arizona, with watercolor, sketch, and lined, and just start heading East. Stop when I want, check out the sites, sketch paint and write about them. After I run up and down the east coast head to Europe. As I finish up with one area I’d keep going East I think. Once I get all the way across Asia (zig zagging north and south the whole way) I would head on down to Australia. Then hit Africa and South America on the way back.

  2. Well… if I had infinite money… there are many places in the world Id like to see with my moleskins… but… Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Tibet, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Iceland, Norway, Mexico, Brazil, France, Sicily… Moon… what would I use? Well… aquarelle colours, brushes, ink, pen, pencils and charcoal. And I would really enjoy it all 🙂

  3. I would love to visit my little plot on the Moon and start a Moon Journal. I might not be able to bring my Fountain Pen and would need to get another pen first. Then off I go.

  4. At this moment in my life, I’d select the perfect recumbent bicycle and begin a very long tour. I’d leave all the electronics behind, send postcards, and carry my molie.

    david boise ID

  5. I would start a journal for the idea of traveling by foot around the world. The sights, sounds, smells, and people I meet and see will all get written down.

  6. I know just the place, It would not take much money just a little effort.It’s a place I have not been to for over forty years.It’s a place at this time of year where you can go watch the Atlantic salmon end its epic journey. I would sit with my moleskine and try to write
    some poetry, and though I can not draw I would love to try and capture the gold of the autumn leaves, and the silver of the salmon in the pool below.

  7. I’m with Aaron. I’d take it and am taking it all over the world. I have filled 2 this year with 2 trips to Africa. Cameroon and Uganada. I wrote, sketched, and pasted all sorts of things in them. They’re quite fat!

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