On Veteran’s Day

To commemorate Veterans’ Day, here are some overjoyed dogs greeting returning soldiers.  More at Mental... Read More


Quoteskine by

From PSFK, a whimsical find – hand drawn fonts by Lee Crutchley. Lee Crutchely is a UK based, freelance graphic designer with a head full of quotes, some pencils, pens and a Moleksine. He runs a website appropriately names Quoteskine... Read More


Video: MSK Tutorial * How to Use

MSK HOW TO on video. Nice demo on the use of the Moleskine MSK format templates. We had a recent related discussion here. * MSK is a printable format for Moleskine that allows to transfer digital content like contacts, events... Read More


Book: “Moleskine Meditations”

Nicholas Bate has published a book called "Moleskine Meditations" for fans of our favorite notebook. We haven't read a review so whoever has seen it, we'd love to hear your thoughts. BOOK... Read More


Fabric Moleskine’s notebook covers

For those who can't tell which notebook is which, Memi, "Une Italienne à Paris" has come up with a range of handmade covers. "In order to distinguish them, seeing that they so many that colours are not enough, I'm used... Read More


OPEN SESSION: The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion

Welcome to OPEN SESSION:  The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion. Moleskinerie invites you, our visitors to share your thoughts on a special topic. Today it is “WHERE WOULD YOU TAKE YOUR NOTEBOOK?” An island in the middle of nowhere…lost in a souk... Read More


Tim Baynes: Moleskines in London

Update from our friend Tim Baynes' ongoing exhibit, starting with this excerpt from an article in The Times by Alan Jackson: "THE SEA, THE SEA: AN EXHIBITION BY TIM BAYNES Just as waves are impelled to break upon the shore,... Read More


Detour Recap: Detour Tokyo 東京

The Tokyo Detour stop ended on November 4 after a successful run in the heart of Japan. Among the artists on exhibit were Setsu & Shinobu Ito Setsu's notebook. Setsu's work include photographs that inspire her sketches, giving the observer a... Read More