Aesthetically in love-MoMA Bauhaus collection


To commemorate the exhibition “Bauhaus 1919–1933: Workshops for Modernity”, Moleskine® and MoMA have created a wonderful limited edition set, which includes a Cashier set , an Exhibition Box and a  2010 NYC Planner.


We love this collection so much that we want to spread the love and give away 5 Planners! Participating is pretty easy, just re-tweet our post about MoMA on Twitter.


We will randomly select 5 winners on Dec 20th, so make sure you’re following us so we can contact you.


For more info on this collection, click here

29 thoughts on “Aesthetically in love-MoMA Bauhaus collection

  1. I have to say, a planner with maps sounds like a danged good idea for someone who walks around a city a lot, with transit use also. If I lived in NYC, I’d look into one.

  2. I was disappointed when I saw the exhibition box in person. I thought it would be more “special” somehow, with a little book about the exhibition or something instead of just the notebooks and a bunch of triangle and square stickers… but the NYC planner is really nice.

  3. “Participating is pretty easy, just re-tweet our post about MoMA on Twitter” – which post is that? I don’t see one that mentions MoMA specifically.

  4. I’ve been using the moleskine notebooks for over 5 years and use them almost daily. The NYC was fantastic to have when I went there for the first time in 2008.

  5. Hi Gabrielle,

    We definitely don’t want to discriminate 🙂

    Twitter was chosen for this particular give away since it’s a a simple medium for sharing information, going forward we’ll be spreading the love around for various networks and communities. There will be many more opportunities (very soon) to win some unique Moleskine notebooks.


  6. “C’mon, asking people to spam their friends for a chance to win something? Not cool at all.”

    so don’t do it. twitter’s not spam, btw, either.

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