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myMoleskine gallery has passed 1000 submissions. To celebrate all those who joined Moleskine has made a new kit is available: a series of cut and paste pocket sized notebook sleeves, to be used to store and classify your notebooks. All 10 sleeves feature images are from the gallery. The downloadable files are open, everyone can change images and personalize the sleeves as they wish.

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11 thoughts on “FREE: New downloadable sleeve designs

  1. Very neat! Nice selection of images, plus easy to personalize using Photoshop. I used the outline, then added images from Montreal to make a sleeve for my Montreal City Book.
    It would be nice to have these in Large size as well as Pocket.

  2. So there’s no blank template available? You just have to dump your preferred image over the existing one?

  3. Why not simply print out any one of the designs and use it as a blank template around which you can mark and cut out your own artwork then? By the way, the gluing is easier if you do it with a notebook in the sleeve.

  4. I made a blank template in Photoshop by opening one of the MSK ones, then selecting the blank area “outside” the sleeve layout. I inverted the selection, then used the “stroke” function to outline the area on a new layer. I then used the line tool to lightly draw in the dashed fold lines. I saved that as a blank, then filled it with images from my trip to Montreal. Easier than it sounds…

  5. I saw them yesterday and love them but I mostly use the large notebooks and not the pocket ones. Any idea of when large version will be available?

  6. I think that the problem is that a large version would not print on a standard A or A4 sized piece of cardstock. It would take two sheets and require more glueing, etc., compared to the small one.

  7. I tried to print a sleeve from the gallery, but when I completed it, my pocket size Moleskine would not fit. Any suggestions?

  8. I used Photoshop to scale the blank sleeve up to Large size, then split it onto two pages for printing. Overlapped the spines and glued the two halves together there. Worked well.

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