Lost: small, pocket-sized, black ‘Moleskine, Firenze (Florence) city guide

From Cale Hubble:

I believe I lost my travel diary while I was in Sweden over the Christmas period of last year. It was incredibly important to me, as any devoted moleskine user could imagine. Not only was it a gift from a friend, with their message in the back, but I used it to record all my experiences for the last 5 months of travelling in Europe.

Someone suggested starting a facebook group. They said a friend of theirs had lost their camera and done so, eventually tracking it down; so a few days ago I decided to do the same. My group is only in its infancy at only 88 members, predominantly my friends, but I hope that it will grow. Maybe there really is only six degrees of separation to whoever stumbled across my little repository of stories. I see it as a kind of social experiment. Together, can we track down one little notebook?

What: small, pocket-sized, black notebook, 'Moleskine' brand, Firenze (Florence) city guide.
When: I lost it on Monday 28th December 2009, I believe.
Where: at Stockholm Central Train Station, I believe.
On the front page it has my name and "… find me". Well, I've decided to find them.

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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3 Responses to Lost: small, pocket-sized, black ‘Moleskine, Firenze (Florence) city guide

  1. Cale Hubble says:

    Thanks for the post; for anyone interested in helping in the search, here’s the link for the facebook group!

  2. mona says:

    Did you contact the transit lost and found?

    Did you/can you post or have posted lost flyers in/near the station?

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