Oh those resolutions again

We are so grateful for all the amazing people who not only use our notebooks, but also make up the vibrant community that is Moleskinerie.  As we head into 2010, we collectively have decided that our resolutions are all about you.  So we all know that resolutions are at times hard to keep, so we’re going to try and make this as simple for all involved.  

We want to hear about the Moleskine lifestyle as lived through YOU. We want your videos, your pictures, stories and tweets.  And in return (with your permission), we will let others know about YOU. After all, this lifestyle and culture was cultivated by you, and accessorized by us 😉

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Happy New Year!

6 thoughts on “Oh those resolutions again

  1. I have been a Moleskine user for a number of years. I find the Large Squared notebook suits my work (surveyor). I can sketch buildings / layouts, but can also write lists – to do / to ring… It also holds all of my receipts in the pocket + a spare fiver just in case I ‘need’ a Starbucks in an emergency! The only downside is that I am quite hard on the books and they tend to split at the end of the spines – I yearn for a leather cover / some decent repair tape. I can’t imagine life without them… When one comes to an end it is quite a chapter end!

  2. Sorry folks but what started out as a user driven site has lost it’s soul since the company took over.

    I guess that is what happens when a niche product line hits mainstream and the producer feels it has to increase sales by engaging with the phantasies of the product base.

  3. Hi Klupus,

    Full disclosure: Moleskine employee, relatively new to the company.

    I can understand your comments with all sincerity, I worked for eBay for 6 + years and was there during the “turn” where people felt that the “old” eBay had been replaced by a new, not so “real” eBay.

    How you feel about the brand (niche to mainstream) is not something that I can argue or would even attempt to. You feel that way, and that’s the way it is.

    I believe the new year’s resolution is an attempt to highlight the people who makes these notebooks special, the community. I am not sure we’re going to convert or disillusion anyone from our product by doing so. But with that said, if there’s something that we’re missing from this site, email us…Moleskinerie is still run by the people (as it always should be)


  4. I’m a big user of Moleskine notebooks. They work well with most rollerball and ballpoint pens but finding a good fountain pen and ink combo that doesn’t bleed through is a challenge. I also use the sketchbooks and watercolor books.
    For me the plain hardback black cover is the best. Keep it plain.

  5. I’m a fan and rabid user of so many different Moleskines. I use the cahier journals in kraft for day-to-day notes/sketching. But I really love to collect the custom editions you print as well.

    I applaud Moleskine’s efforts on supporting and building their communities by connecting their users through sites like this, and appreciate the inspiration from fellow thinkers/writers/artists.

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