Snapshot: Kolby Kirk


Every week in 2010 we will shine the light on a Moleskine user across the globe, this week's snapshot is on Kolby Kirk.If you want to be featured in upcoming weeks, please email us!


Name: Kolby Kirk
Age 34
Current city: Pasadena, CA
Motivational Hiker
Twitter: @thehikeguy

1) What is your current Moleskine notebook? 
Pocket Plain Notebook

2) How do you use your notebook?
I started using my Moleskines in 2004 and only for keeping a journal during international backpacking trips, but now I use one on all hike-related activities.  In May of last year, I made the resolution to hike 100 times before 2010 – that's 100 hikes in 240 days – and I was successful in accomplishing that goal.  For every hike, I brought my Moleskine.  I would use it to write down notes on the hike, make observations on nature and sketch out animals I would spot (if I had time).  

My goal for this year is to hike 500 miles before 2011 and in the process, introduce 150 people to hiking that usually do not hike.  I have started a new pocket plain notebook in order to keep notes, sketches, maps and mileage related to these goals. I suspect I'll fill a few of them before the year is out.

3) What's the next place you plan to take your notebook to? 
My next hike!  I need to hike about ten miles a week in order to meet my goal of 500 miles in the year. Every step of the way, I'll have my Moleskine within reach.

4) What do you want to tell the world?
To take a hike!  I mean that in all sincerity.  I try to promote the hiking lifestyle through example (both my own and others), and to help others learn the importance of respectfully exploring our natural areas.

5) Where will you and your notebook be in 5 years? 
I hope to continue living life in the best way I know now, and I'm sure that I'll have a Moleskine in my pocket when I do.


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