Survey: Paper or digital?


Today's Interact page at Treehugger ask readers which planners they're using; paper or digital:

"…Readers were outraged, suggesting that "You will have to take my Moleskin from my cold dead hands. Some things need permanence." And while some have a neatly labelled stack of old moleskins, I have a stack of broken Palm Pilots and Handspring Visors…"

Take the survey here. Be back to share your thoughts.

(Thank you Johnny!)


Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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6 Responses to Survey: Paper or digital?

  1. Christian says:

    This survey reminds me on a German speaking survey I was starting a few month ago: “Umfrage: Warum trotz der digitalen Begleiter ein Notizbuch?” – – Results here:

  2. I changed to a PDA a long time ago over a paper planner, but indeed, I’ll never give up a bound, paper journal or paper book! Down with eBooks!

  3. Harry Dean says:

    I think you can utilize both. Digital stuff can be erased just as easily as paper material can be destroyed through fire or some other disaster. Most people utilize both media. This sort of reminds me of the question Star Trek vs Star Wars or something goofy along those lines. You’re going to have diehards on both sides, but if you simply go with what you prefer, why even stress over it.

  4. Bob says:

    Scheduled appts go in a digital calendar. Everything else goes in a Moleskine.

  5. John Hubbard says:

    My appointments and contacts are digital – my smartphone and PC work together to preserve these vital items and they are in the form that serves me best. My journal of thoughts, observations, diary entries, etc., is in my Moleskine. Each medium serves its purpose best for me.

  6. sumtt says:

    I think that both have their pluses and minuses. With better technology, a combination of the two is possible – i.e. using moleskines or other paper notebooks for data capture, and then using a sheet-fed scanner plus OCR technology to scan it into digital format and make it searchable.

    I’m currently waiting for the Fujitsu S1300 to become available outside Japan – anticipate that it would greatly enhance my personal workflow.

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