Video: Moleskine Passions

Passions: the new Moleskine collection specially designed for your life passions.

Recipe, Wine, Book, Film, Music, Wellness: 6 journals to collect and organize information, comments, memories, clippings and reviews concerning your very own Passions. Each journal comes with a fully embossed cover, bearing a texture of themed illustrations.

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6 thoughts on “Video: Moleskine Passions

  1. Are these really necessary? I’ve been using Moleskines for a long time and the thing that drew me to them were their simplicity.

  2. I agree with LM.


    Moleskines are (WERE) about creativity and self-inspired creation. The “Passions” are a gimmicky “fill in the blank” art. How LAME. The Moleskine brand is really starting to turn me off more by the day.

  3. Hi LM (and agreed),

    In case the question comes up again on the thread, I wanted to take a moment to reply. The Passions Journals were a result of feedback from the users and community members (many long time Moleskine users). There are some of us (me excluded) that can take a blank page and create beauty, then there’s myself, who has the aspiration but needs help with the inspiration. In many ways, that’s what these Journals are for and aren’t meant to replace or simplify creativity.

    I understand the outcry, I felt the same way when Apple came out with the Touch, which in my mind was just an iPhone 🙂

    Thanks for the feedback

  4. Thanks, RG, for clarifying the origins of the Passions Journals. I wasn’t aware of how their introduction came about. It’s nice that they value customer feedback so much in terms of future products.
    There are a lot more kinds of moleskines now than there were when I started using them: volants, city books, folios, passions, etc. I just wonder sometimes if in trying to appeal to a broader and broader customer base, something of the uniqueness of the brand is being lost.

  5. “I just wonder sometimes if in trying to appeal to a broader and broader customer base, something of the uniqueness of the brand is being lost.”

    Well said. There’s not nearly the closeness of the community that there was a few years- or even a year- ago. The long-time users community that I’ve been around has gotten increasingly fed up with all the special editions and so forth. Perhaps the “fad” crowd will like the “Passions” edition.

    The iTouch and iPhone are virtually the same product. The Passion and a blank Moleskine are complete opposites: one spoon feeds you conjured up ‘creativity,’ while the other is a blank canvas. But, thanks for the reply nonetheless.

  6. define “long time users.” i don’t mean to point the finger at anyone, but individuals that started using moleskines after 2004 are “fad” users. i don’t mean that it’s a bad thing. but these things have been popular since summer/fall 2004. really a pretty long time. i would assume that the long-time (2002-2003 in the US) users were into moleskines because of their uniqueness, not the brand. there was no brand. given the myriad other books just like them, i suspect the oldest moleskiners have moved onto something else, while the “fad” users (including myself, certainly) are loyal to what has become a BRAND (no longer a notebook), which is the group these products are aiming at. i really don’t want to like these passions, but i want the recipe journal pretty badly.

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