And the winner is…(part 2)


Nicolò Rigobello from Italy! We don't know what city in Italy, but if it's Milan, then it would be fitting since our headquarters are there. If it's not Milan, it's OK, you're still a winner :) 

 Nicolò's has a great perspective. We liked the focus of the shot, and the different papers

Congratulations! We will be in contact shortly to send you your Tim Burton Moleskine planner! 

As we did in the first announcement, a quick shout out of "thanks" to our judges. And we can confirm that there was indeed an argument during the judging, but this had more to do with which Mexican restaurant they would be ordering from rather than anything of real relevance or importance. 

Allyson oversees all of the production of Moleskine's Custom Editions in the US. She's a big fan of orange foil-stamps on black covers. When not working, she can usually be found making tiny creatures out of yarn or blogging.

From his base in Berlin, Luca creates all sorts of graphic layouts for Moleskine in Milan and New York – including this notebook. He also works with bicycle-makers, cinemas, jewelers, and auctioneers, and is the proud owner of a very handy electric juicer. 

Emily talks with museums, businesses and universities who want to create custom edition Moleskine notebooks. Her very first "real" boyfriend got her a t-shirt with Jack and Sally on it; she broke up with him shortly afterwards, for unrelated reasons. 

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to And the winner is…(part 2)

  1. Congratulation Nicolò!
    Says where you are from…and be proud 😉

    see you

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