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Due to the exuberant participation of our #Passions Book Journal giveaway, we decided that we can't just let Book enthusiasts have all the fun (no offense to the bookworm army). So we are going to open the contest to include an opportunity to win one of each of the #Passions Journals: Wine, Recipe, Film, Music and Wellness.

The details for those who skimmed over the last post 😉

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Then be creative and tell us what will be your first entry into the #Passions Journal you hope to win. 

You can do so by commenting on this post , or commenting on our Facebook wall or by tweeting it, example "@moleskine my first entry into my Wine #Passions Journal will be the delicious Malbec I just had at dinner". Just pick YOUR Passion. 

Make sure you use the # symbol for your tweets or updates so we can track it (#Moleskine #Passions)

Good Luck ! 

Fine Print:

We will pick random winners and announce the world on Monday :) 

2 winners per #Passions Journal 

The contest is GLOBAL (if you have a post office, we will mail it) and will run until Sunday, February 7th 

You can enter as many times as you want 

Excludes the Book Journal, those winners will be announced Thursday, February 4th

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92 thoughts on “Calling all Passionistas

  1. I would walk right into the local wine shop w/ both the new wine journal AND the recipe journal! Entries would be made on site!

  2. The first entry into the recipe journal is the recipe for the cheesecake that my aunt used to make. I am currently the only living relative with the recipe.

  3. …O: I hope the first entry is something (in the wellness journal) like

    “I don’t really know what to write. About five hours until landing in Chicago where my long journey begins. This is life. On the move – seeing new places, talking (and listening) to people. I hope that the book will be filled when it is time to embark on the return flight home. Filled with meetings, mistakes, thoughts, bad jokes, tickets and dinner receipts, addresses to people I’ve met…but I hope the time will slow down and make this a long, long adventure”.

  4. My first entry in the Wellness Journal will be something like “This gorgeous journal has inspired me to improve my wellbeing” and it will be dated July 9, 2010, my fiftieth birthday!

  5. My first entry in the Wellness Journal will be something like “This gorgeous journal has inspired me to improve my wellbeing” and it will be dated July 9, 2010, my fiftieth birthday!

    [Delete my first post….wrong email address! See, I’m getting old and need the journal!]

  6. My first entry into my wine #passions journal will be the special Layer Cake Primitivo I have been waiting to open for my bday- 25 in 2 weeks!

  7. My first entry in the film journal will include my review of an oscar nominated film. I try to get through them all! Fingers crossed.

  8. I think I’d like the wine journal! Would probably have the first entries be the couple of wines in my house..

  9. My first entry in my #Passions recipe journal will be the moist and delicious coconut chocolate cake I made last week so I will remember to make it again soon.

  10. My first entry in the Film Journal would be about “Gangs of New York”, or one of the other films I have recently viewed.

  11. I am *SO* pleased you’ve come up with these Passion journals! I love tracking stuff and these are wonderful!

    I would like to enter “The Blind Side” in the films passion journal. I just saw it and it about broke my hart several times. It’s a great movie, so eloquent with all the things it did NOT say. The most moving parts were those in which nothing was said at all.

  12. My first entry in the Film Journal will be “The Hurt Locker” because I’ve yet to see it and am really looking forward to when I get a chance to!

  13. My first entry in the Book Journal would be for “Nobility of Spirit” by Rob Riemen. Although I sometimes disagree with Mr. Riemen, his book is thought-provoking and well worth reading.

  14. The first entry that I would put in my Book Journal would be ‘The Sixteen Pleasures: A Novel’ by Robert Hellenga. This book was the beginning of my own love affair with Florence and, though I have not found my ‘Italian Lover’ (also by Robert Hellenga), I will keep going back to Florence as often as I am able.

  15. My first entry into my Passions Recipe Journal would be my Mum’s “chilli chicken” – my favorite meal ever! 🙂

  16. My first entry in my Passions Music Journal will be about my struggles to become a jazz musician, or learn to play the classical guitar – all to no avail, but giving me much greater appreciation for those who do, and their music.

  17. My first entry in my Passions Recipe journal would be my mom’s chocolate cake with chocolate icing recipe that she showed me when I was 7. I want to keep track of all the things she taught me thus far so that I can pass it on to my future kids.

  18. there’s a lot of movie journal lovers here 🙂
    but what the hey, i’ll still aim for it and my first entry would be about a great local movie i just watched, “FIKSI”, so i could always remember that before all the other entries of various international movies i love, i’d remember that my own country has its own share of genius.

  19. My first entry in the #Recipe Journal# would be the absolutly delicous Bali Chicken I cooked for the family last weekend.

  20. My first entry into my Film #Passions Journal will be: ”Way out west there was this fella I wanna tell ya about. Goes by the name of Jeff Lebowski. At least that was the handle his loving parents gave him, but he never had much use for it himself. See, this Lebowski, he called himself ‘The Dude.’”

  21. My first entry in the #Passions Wellness journal will be to record the excellent progress I’ve made with my nutrition response testing over the last three months (and thus be ready to continue recording the, hopefully, same excellent progress).

  22. My first entry in the #Passions Book journal will be the eye-opening tome by Barbara Ehrenreich, “Bright-sided: how the relentless promotion of positive thinking has undermined America.” And I’ll do my best not to think positive about winning this contest…

  23. The wine journal is what I need! I’ll be adding labels and notes that I’ve been collecting for quite a while – what a great addition to Moles!

  24. My first entry into the Film Journal would be about the movie “Bright Star”, second would be “An Education” which I am anticipating seeing on Monday night. Love these journals!!

  25. My first book entry would either be one of Hubert Selby Jr.’s books (too hard to pick though), “Master and Commander” or “Mauritius Command” both by Patrick O’Brian because I’m totally in love with that series! I’m about to go pick up “Mauritius Command” been waiting for it to be returned to the library, it finally came in but in the meantime my library list grew. I’m so glad you’re putting these out now maybe I can keep track of my library “wishlist”! I love the other ones too and will definitely have to get them at some point but my books are out of control at the moment!

  26. My first entry in the Films Journal would be “We Were Soldiers” that we watched a couple nights ago. We’re big movie watchers, but I’ve never journalled them. This would be a great chance to keep track of what we like and why.

  27. My first entry in the wine journal would be the wine that I will buy to give together with the journal to my sister, I already have a wine book and she always look at mine with such desire!

  28. My first entry into my #Wine #Passions Journal will be that Chilean Carmenere that I’d finally uncork to celebrate winning the journal!

  29. The first entry in the #Passions music journal would probably fill up most of the journal. It would be about my road trip of a lifetime with the Kingsmen and the BoxTops.

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