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Due to the exuberant participation of our #Passions Book Journal giveaway, we decided that we can't just let Book enthusiasts have all the fun (no offense to the bookworm army). So we are going to open the contest to include an opportunity to win one of each of the #Passions Journals: Wine, Recipe, Film, Music and Wellness.

The details for those who skimmed over the last post 😉

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Then be creative and tell us what will be your first entry into the #Passions Journal you hope to win. 

You can do so by commenting on this post , or commenting on our Facebook wall or by tweeting it, example "@moleskine my first entry into my Wine #Passions Journal will be the delicious Malbec I just had at dinner". Just pick YOUR Passion. 

Make sure you use the # symbol for your tweets or updates so we can track it (#Moleskine #Passions)

Good Luck ! 

Fine Print:

We will pick random winners and announce the world on Monday :) 

2 winners per #Passions Journal 

The contest is GLOBAL (if you have a post office, we will mail it) and will run until Sunday, February 7th 

You can enter as many times as you want 

Excludes the Book Journal, those winners will be announced Thursday, February 4th

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92 thoughts on “Calling all Passionistas

  1. My first entry in the #passions Wellness journal would be about my diet and exercise adventures for this year!

  2. My first entry in the #passions Music journal would be the beginning of listing my favorire songs/artists of all time.

  3. My first entry in the Film journal would be regarding a talk by the great film critic Mark Kermode, and a Q&A with Jean-Pierre Jeunet at the British Film Institute that I’ll be attending this month 🙂

  4. Is Barnes and Noble website going to carry the new Passions journals line?
    I don’t see them anywhere but Amazon has them for preorder for a long time now.

  5. moleskine my first entry into my Film #Passions Journal would be Snatch. It is on my top Ten movies I love. Guy Ritche has a sence in people and images.

  6. My first entry in the Wellness journal: It’s been a long, slow, difficult recovery from this serious illness — I acknowledge what has been, but with this journal, I take a stand for the present moment and take action for increased wellness!

  7. My first entry in the wellness journal would be about my renewed commitment to becoming healthier and more plans to run my first 5k this year.

  8. @moleskine my first entry into my wellness #Passions Journal will be how my body will feel after my first p90x session. on to fitness! LOL

  9. The first entry in my Book Journal would be Anderson Cooper’s “Dispatches from the Edge”. I have finished reading it a week ago and it is a very compelling collection of his experiences as a war correspondent as well as of his upbringing.

  10. I’ve lost 10 lbs. in two weeks! How? I count calories and the amount I exercise, and log them in my Moleskine weekly planner. But if I had a Wellness Calendar, I would track all of that info in it! My goal is to get down to 180 lbs. 10 more to lose! Then we’ll see about 175…

  11. My first entry in the #Passions music journal would have to be a list of playlists that I’d like to create for my iPod… they would include genre/favorite songs/favorite bands and a few other categories, for easily switching out music to suit my moods!

  12. My first entry into the #Passions film journal would have to be thoughts and outlines for a short silent film. Location, costume, lighting, etc. Something to share with the world.

  13. My first entry in the Film Journal will be all the existential themes that I find when watching “Die Himmel Uber Berlin” (Wings of Desire).

  14. For the first entry in the Wellness journal, I want to paste a picture of my flowering begonia plant.

  15. My first entry in the Wellness journal will be the results of my first attempt at the 100 pushups programme. I’ve resolved to get fit, and need to track it!

  16. My first entry in my #passions book journal would be my husband’s book, Copy, Rip, Burn – because it’s a great Book but also because I’m so proud of him. I believe the book journal would be a wonderful way to keep track of the books I read for my phd.

  17. My first entry in the Film Journal will be a list of 10 classic films I must see (and stop be ashamed of haven’t seen them yet) as soon as possible (lets say within a month)!!! (e.g. Lawrence of Arabia (1962), The Wild Bunch (1969), Chinatown (1974) amongst others)

  18. … and if I don’t achieve my previous goal then I’ll disappointingly and pretty ironically write an essay on “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens as my first entry in the Book Journal

  19. @moleskine my first entry into my Wine #Passions Journal will be the martini asti because i just love the bubbles! =)

  20. @moleskine my first entry into my music #Passions Journal will be about the world class performance of the philippine madrigal singers

  21. @moleskine my first entry into my film #Passions Journal will be a list of movies i just HAVE to watch this month!

  22. My first entry into the wine journal would be about an unwooded shiraz from a local boutique winery that I had recently (Cypress Post, 6000 Syrah 2006). It was so fascinating the different techniques they use with growing grapes (post rather than trellis, for example) and the winemaking techniques they used! I’m also about to start a degree in wine, so it would be great to have somewhere to record my own wines.

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