: Do you (heart) Moleskine + Burton?


In celebration of the Tim Burton MoMA exhibition, Moleskine created a limited run of (rare) custom Tim Burton weekly planners. These planners were given out to guests of MoMA during the opening events. So rare are these, that we could only find 2 in the Moleskine NYC office! But we're all about giving back, so we're going to give these away to 2 lucky Tim Burton + Moleskine fans. 

So how do you get to enter this awesome giveaway? 

Well, we decided we couldn't make it easy or random. Tim Burton is all about creativity, and we like to think that so are we ;-) 

The rules:

We would like you to be creative and submit a photo to us that visualizes your love for Tim Burton & Moleskine. We have very little guidance aside from saying please use judgement and avoid lewdness or something that might get you arrested. 

We will feature your submission on our Facebook page for the whole world to see. 

Send us the pic (at) moleskineconnect@gmail.com. In the subject line put "Tim Burton".

How we will pick:

You will be judged for creativity, as interpreted by a panel of distinguished judges (aka, Moleskine employees who love Tim Burton). Contest runs Thursday, February 18 to Thursday, February 25th, 11:59PM EST. Winners to be announced on Friday, February 26th! 

Participation is open to everyone and anyone who has access to mail delivery. This includes Antarctica, just note it might take you a while to get it. 

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  1. Hi there! My entry is away, crossing my fingers. Will you send a confirmation that you received it?
    Cheers from Lisbon,

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