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Missing out on an opportunity to win a #Passions Journal can bring on feelings of distress, despair and all around confusion. But the 2nd best thing to "free" is"super awesome price". We are happy to announce that is carrying the #Passions line, and they are priced to move…so you should do the same quickly. We don't want you to "miss out" again.  Bliss is a click away:

Editor's note: Once you do get your hands on a #Passions Journal and start using it, make sure you email us to show us some pictures, recipes and entries. We will gladly feature Great Grandmother's "secret" Apple Pie for the whole world to enjoy. 

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to Give into your #Passions at

  1. Red Rex says:

    Why is Moleskinerie pushing these crazy things so vehemently. From what I’ve seen most of the people who visit this site don’t even like the passions line.

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