My Moleskine: A Book Journal


 Drunk Literature is Rebecca's personal book and thought blog, loosely focused on discussing literatures of intoxication. She recently posted about her Moleskine notebooks. Here's a snip:

"So, I forget things.  Lots of things.  Where I put my keys.  What I ate last night.  Where I'm supposed to be going after this.  It's a problem.  However, none of these things frustrate me.  My keys always turn up eventually, the answer to "what I ate last night" is almost universally either cereal or french bread and radishes, and I figure that if I drive around long enough, I'll either figure out where I'm going or find someplace new!  What frustrates me with forgetting, is forgetting what I've read…. The Book Journal is sort of my new saving grace in this way."

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