Facebook Fun

We decided to pose the question "Which Passions Journal are YOU?" on Facebook, just to see what the consensus is. Do Moleskine fans who are social media savvy lean more towards Music, Film? Or do we all take comfort in... Read More


Sharing Your Stories: Sister to Sister

We recently discovered a wonderful site run by Laurie called Plannerisms. Within the trading of tweets, Laurie shared a great story about her sister Sandy and how they gifted each other a Moleskine notebook; filled with stories about their childhood memories of each other. Laurie and... Read More


Happy birthday Moleskinerie.jp!

  Our partner site, Moleskinerie.jp just turned 1. To celebrate, MSK has designed a series of Japanese layouts for the new Passions collection. They are downloadable here. Tanjoubi omedetou! Visit... Read More


Project: Travelling Moleskines®

  An enthusiastic announcement from the culture vulture: "We have teamed up with The Big Draw to undertake a travelling Moleskine® project beyond compare! A number of these iconic sketch books have been unleashed into the world to return to... Read More


Snapshot: Carla Ciccone

Every week in 2010 we will shine the light on a Moleskine user across the globe, this week's snapshot is on Carla Ciccone.If you want to be featured in upcoming weeks, please email us! Introducing:  Name: Carla Ciccone Age: 27... Read More


Give into your #Passions at Amazon.com

  Missing out on an opportunity to win a #Passions Journal can bring on feelings of distress, despair and all around confusion. But the 2nd best thing to "free" is"super awesome price". We are happy to announce that Amazon.com is carrying the #Passions... Read More


The John Mayer Custom Moleskine Notebook

From John Mayer's blog: "We made a set of Plain Notebooks and a set of Ruled Notebooks based on Moleskine's Large Notebook series. Each cover is embossed with the Heartbreak logo and has a custom imprint on the flyleaf page.... Read More