Project: Travelling Moleskines®


An enthusiastic announcement from the culture vulture:

"We have teamed up with The Big Draw to undertake a travelling Moleskine® project beyond compare! A number of these iconic sketch books have been unleashed into the world to return to us by the end of September. The project will culminate in a fabulous arty party and exhibition in October to help raise funds for the Campaign for Drawing…"

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3 thoughts on “Project: Travelling Moleskines®

  1. Sounds like they’re taking a page from the 1000 Journals Project. I like things like this, it’ll be interesting to see what turns up in the end.

  2. I attempted a project like this myself: Shared Guidebook, SF. I filled out portions of a Moleskine San Francisco guidebook with city tips and tricks, and left it at a busy Union Square cafe with instructions on how to update it, pass it along, and even email and tweet using it’s own accounts. I never heard anything about it again. I assume it just got tossed in the trash. Check out my Flickr photo set:

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