Sharing Your Stories: Sister to Sister

We recently discovered a wonderful site run by Laurie called Plannerisms. Within the trading of tweets, Laurie shared a great story about her sister Sandy and how they gifted each other a Moleskine notebook; filled with stories about their childhood memories of each other. Laurie and Sandy were kind enough to send us pictures of the notebooks and we included this excerpt of Laurie's email: 

I am 8 years older than Sandy, so I remember very well when she was little.  When she was 11 I left the house/ moved away and I have been traveling the world ever since.  So, any time we spend together is extremely precious.  I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal for two years, lived in Alaska and Hawaii for awhile, and spent 3 years in Moscow.  I am currently living in Tirana, Albania, and my sister lives in Texas.  Right now we haven't seen each other in almost two years, but we email and/ or talk on the phone every day.  Despite our age gap growing up, and my absence most of the time since, we are extremely close.

One year I gave her a pocket Moleskine hardcover sketchbook as a gift.  She had the great idea to write in it about what it meant to her to be my sister and gave it back to me.  I loved it, of course, and thought it was such a great idea I did the same thing.  I bought a Van Gogh blue silk-covered pocket Moleskine for her and wrote in it about my memories of being her sister.  

Thank you Laurie & Sandy, we appreciate you sharing this with us! 

And don't forget to visit Laurie's site: , or follow her on Twitter.  And if you're nice, Sandy's will let you follow her tweets too ;-)