A penne for your thoughts


Scription's Patrick Ng has compiled a bunch of recipes into a Moleskine Passion recipe journal and wants to know your opinion:

" I would like to ask for your comments about whether this 'system' is anything good for you.  Is it useful as a practice?  Do you find it hard to convert online recipes into the format you want in your journal?  Do you think I should continue to pursue our executive chef to make the library online in this format?…"

Please respond here.

4 thoughts on “A penne for your thoughts

  1. Yes, it would be great!
    I think this portable format should be very efficient to add notes and tips and tricks to an “always with you” recipe (and note) book.
    Moleskine, i’m sure you will make it work with all of your great ideas and fantastic prodcuts!

  2. Thanks for the comment Jay, I’m receiving other comments:
    1. 1 language is better
    2. bigger font size, easier to read in kitchen
    3. more space for notes
    4. less logos
    5. maybe photos of cooking steps

  3. Hello Patrick,

    Frankly, I don’t think there is one system that works for everyone. Yes, I do find it hard to convert recipes online to this format. With the Moleskine, it’s more a labour of love with a little scrapbooking elbow grease required. The process of personalizing is the fun part and the whole point of compiling the recipe book in the first place. However, for the sake of organizing, if there is an online template (editable text, add picture function) that can somehow be easily printed out in standard size pags or fit into a standard sized notebook, whether it’s the Moleskine’s or not, it would be a great tool to help organize those loose pages we pull out from magazines and clippings from all over the place. Btw, I think City’Super already produces a very snappy looking recipe flyer. Would be great if there is a system to store these loose leaves.

  4. Thanks Cynthia, I’ll let the people who made the recipe flyers know your comment.
    In fact, I was thinking about how to make these loose leaves organized for customer.
    Anyway, just trying to make something useful, thanks for the comment.

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