Book: “The Hand of the Designer”


 "The Hand of the Designer" is an intimate look into the creative process of the designer, and a celebration of the everlasting power of free hand sketching even in the AutoCAD® era. The general layout has the familiar look of a Moleskine notebook, which indicates a visual connection to the sketchbooks often adopted by designers. The dimensions are those of the A4 Folio collection, with all the iconic features of the Moleskine brand: hard rounded corner cover, elastic band, ribbon place marker. The only (and most noticeable change): the cover is white. "The Hand of the Designer" is packaged with a 120-page Moleskine Folio blank drawing book for notes and free hand sketching. 

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One thought on “Book: “The Hand of the Designer”

  1. “La mano del designer” ist incorrect because “designer” is english; the correct spanish is: “La mano del diseñador”

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