Calling All Foodies!

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So you've gotten your hands on the new Passions Recipe Journal, but now what? Which of your all time favorite recipes will christen the page? We we're thinking about it and thought it would be great to find the "best passed down recipe" of ALL TIME! We called our friends at Foodista and we came up with the aforementioned "best passed down recipe" contest! 

Perhaps it's your Great Grandmother's Apple Pie, or Cousin Martha's guacamole or maybe you have something that will shock the world and delight tummies globally! 

It's your time to share! In addition to a great suite of products as the winner, you will go down as having the best recipe of ALL TIME, and not even Kayne can argue with that! 

Contest runs 'til March 31st, more info here! 

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to Calling All Foodies!

  1. Marion Hylton says:

    Having lived in the So. California area, I had the experience of tasting great Mexican food! From Carne Asada to Carnitas, and my families favorite is Huevas Rancheros. We now live in the Buffalo, NY area and have for 17 years–this is where I grew up. I have adapted my own way of making Huevas Rancheros that is, in our opinion, unlike any other. We have found no one in this area that can prepare this concoction in a way that is both pleasing to the palate and to the eye. If you are interested I can share with you via post or to email address.

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