Fill out those brackets

  It's that time of year, when productivity goes down the drain as people in the U.S are glued to the TV and Internet to follow March Madness. It's a time where not only 65 teams have dreams of winning the title, but... Read More


This guy used a Moleskine to propose to his girlfriend

What a story to begin the week.  "Alan Robertson, describes himself as a volunteer student pastor. Professional dreamer. Amateur blogger. Full time visionary. I work a day job somewhere in the mix…" hollowed out the back of a Moleskine, inserts... Read More


Book: “The Hand of the Designer”

 "The Hand of the Designer" is an intimate look into the creative process of the designer, and a celebration of the everlasting power of free hand sketching even in the AutoCAD® era. The general layout has the familiar look of... Read More


Judge This!

Rebecca Hansen Drunk Literature When Moleskine and Foodista approached me about guest-judging their upcoming Recipe Contest, my initial response was, "Does Proust like his madeleines?!"  Answer: YES.  As a literature blogger, you may question the fit, but for me, books and food are the... Read More


Calling All Foodies!

So you've gotten your hands on the new Passions Recipe Journal, but now what? Which of your all time favorite recipes will christen the page? We we're thinking about it and thought it would be great to find the "best passed... Read More


Snapshot: Camille F. Mendoza

  Every week in 2010 we will shine the light on a Moleskine user across the globe, this week's snapshot is on Camille Mendoza. If you want to be featured in upcoming weeks, please email us! Name: Camille F. Mendoza Age: 25... Read More


A penne for your thoughts

Scription's Patrick Ng has compiled a bunch of recipes into a Moleskine Passion recipe journal and wants to know your opinion: " I would like to ask for your comments about whether this 'system' is anything good for you.  Is... Read More


Strange things a happenin’ on Facebook

If you are one of the thousands of people who used to be a fan on one of 3 Facebook Groups dedicated to Moleskine, you might find yourself wondering what happened to that “other”  page.  A few weeks ago we... Read More


Latest from Jim Woodring

 Cartoonist Jim Woodring's Moleskine notebook is a wonderland of strange creatures and the latest sketches are always a source of fascination. "Lorbo", the figure below is the happy, 3-D ending to one of those doodles. Visit his blog.   Image... Read More