The pronunciation of the world "Moleskine' can be quite a challenge, as the word is uttered uniquely by the individual rather than a group. Here is our take on how the word sounds, but we would like to hear it from your lips.

We invite you to submit a video response on our YouTube page, or post a video on our Facebook wall, so we can hear your unique take on our name.

One thought on “Pronunciation

  1. I gave a presentation to architects and designers a few weeks ago and was mentioning Moleskines….right before I went on, I asked my friend about the correct pronunciation and he wasn’t really sure either……Now I don’t feel so bad that we weren’t the only ones wondering. Thanks for sharing this. By the way, I went with Mole (like Bowl) Skin….I like Mole (Molay) skin better. Sounds more special. Thanks for embracing our individuality.

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