Strange things a happenin’ on Facebook

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If you are one of the thousands of people who used to be a fan on one of 3 Facebook Groups dedicated to Moleskine, you might find yourself wondering what happened to that “other”  page. 

A few weeks ago we decided that we should probably streamline our efforts and condense things to one group. The other 2 Fan pages were created by one of our retail partners and a fan.  We reached out to both parties and then asked Facebook (thank you) to help us out. So now we have one official page on Facebook, found here

We wanted to be transparent about the change but also assure you that nothing really changes within  the new page, you will still have the same rights to post , comment and engage.  In addition, we are very adamant about updating the content and focusing on you. You will find some of our Moleskinerie posts on there, and stuff from; but we also plan to do some exclusive content just for Facebook. So if you’re not a Fan, you should become one.

If you are a Fan and were affected by the change, we hope you as just active at the new destination.


3 thoughts on “Strange things a happenin’ on Facebook

  1. Typos:

    “Moleskinerie posts on their, and ”
    Should read “there”

    “we hope you are just active at the new destination”
    Maybe you meant “we hope you are just AS active at the new destination”?

    Thanks Ron for bringing those to our attention.


    Don’t mean to be a pain, just helpful.

  2. Grammatical fixes? Really? I’m more disappointed in the road that Moleskine is taking.

    I miss this blog and the groups before they were bought/sold out. They just haven’t been the same since.

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