The Problem With Keeping Recipes a “Secret”

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 "I am very much against the notion that recipes should be kept secret, or locked away.  I think it’s the absolute antithesis to the nature of loving food and of cooking.  And I should know, my grandfather is a baker and believe me, I’ve had qualms in the past over giving up his precious formulas.  What changed me, however, was some of his incredibly sage advice…My grandfather’s job was to teach local bakers how to use the ingredients they had at their disposal to feed their community.  He brought his classic formulas with him, ones he had worked on perfecting for years, and gave them to people he had just met and usually never saw again.  Yet, he had no hesitation in doing so.  My grandfather taught me that there’s no use in keeping your gifts to yourself, that it robs them of their magic.  The true magic is in sharing."

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