This guy used a Moleskine to propose to his girlfriend


What a story to begin the week. 

"Alan Robertson, describes himself as a volunteer student pastor. Professional dreamer. Amateur blogger. Full time visionary. I work a day job somewhere in the mix…" hollowed out the back of a Moleskine, inserts a ring and proposes to his girlfriend.

Awwwww. Let's follow their story….



5 thoughts on “This guy used a Moleskine to propose to his girlfriend

  1. My fiance proposed to me with one too! It is a weekly planner and he wrote on that days date “It’s Today” and I didn’t get it at first but then he got down on one knee and proposed 🙂 I love that little Moleskine!

  2. Wow! I’m surprised and touched how much people enjoyed my proposal. Thanks for posting it. I added an entry to my blog about the idea itself and will be adding another post about actually proposing. I’m also going to add comments from my girlfriend to get her perspective on how she felt. 🙂
    I’m the happiest man alive right now and I’m glad other people are finding joy in this as well. Thanks for being interested in our journey.

  3. while not quite there at the proposal stage… my girlfriend who i met on christmas day, gave me a classic black moleskin with a group photo of us and our two closest friends inside, she wrote me a lovely note inside saying i carried a part of her wherever i took this moleskine… i later wrote her a fairytale in which the moleskine featured as a sign of her trust and love in me! i really do love her and i carry it carry everywhere (and sleep with it too!) and have kept the receipts from the bar we met at and her photograph amongst other odds and ends that find theri way into and onto the pages. it reminds me of her every moment, especially now that we are 5000 miles apart… goodluck Alan… and your lovely bride to be!

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