Hollow book Moleskine safe


Nice Etsy find today but sadly it looks like we're a bit late. Hopefully, there's more on the way.

"This old book has been upcycled into a secret place to hide your moleskine journal! The smallest journal will fit snugly inside, making it the perfect place to hide that dream diary you've been working on. Also a great gift for those writer folk in your life.

The smallest moleskine that measures 5.5" x 3.5" fits inside, but please note that a moleskine is not included with purchase…":)

by "pommesfrites" at Etsy. 

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3 thoughts on “Hollow book Moleskine safe

  1. An old book has no value if it’s not read. Chop them up.

    I highly doubt I’d spend $40 on this.

    I’ve seen the “hidden in book” trick too many times. There’s iphones in Moleskines, Moleskines in old books, old books in old books. I’m ready for a creative idea, not the same old thing.

    While ‘fun,’ I guess, I don’t really see the point of hiding Moleskines in an old book. I guess if you had a library of hundreds of books, someone wouldn’t guess that that one contains a Moleskine. How necessary is it? Zero. Though, I guess, vaguely amusing.

    I’m not generally amused by all the crap people make on Etsy for Moleskines. Bags, covers, pen loops, this, painted covers, etc. It’s creative, but.. seems superfluous to me. (Yes, I understand the desire for USEFUL accessories, but much of the stuff isn’t useful.)

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