Product update: Moleskine for Urban Sketchers

Exciting news for sketchers, especialy in the Portland, OR area: “New York, NY – Moleskine, the legendary notebook of artists and thinkers, will participate in the first annual International Sketching Symposium, where over 200 international sketchers and illustrators, members of... Read More


Gliders and sketchbooks

 Gliders at Portmoak, Scotlandwell. – Watercolour in a Watercolour Moleskine Inspired by a video of these graceful aircraft, Uncle Bob shares a scan from his Moleskine and memories of his visits to an airfield. I have always been fascinated by... Read More


Sighting: Notebook of the Generals.

Peggy Allen sent in a couple of recent notebook sightings in the news. Above, Lt. General Stanley McChrystal seems to be carrying a Moleskine in this picture. (Via Army Images) and below is a screengrab from the raw AP footage... Read More


ISO: Moleskine, passport wallet

  Ryan sent this query for that One Wallet To Hold Them All: "I'm very much not into clutter. I like simple things and I really like Moleskines. I'm searching for a passport wallet that will also hold a Moleskine... Read More


Mt. Hood Moleskine Journal Notes

  Photographer and traveler Erik Gauger shares his latest mementos from a trek to Mt. Hood. Lately I've been using my Moleskine to collect items I find in the field. It's a great way to identify species and collect a... Read More


The New Moleskine Cover for Amazon Kindle

Celebrating the analog-digital continuum, Moleskine has unveiled it's new Kindle cover. "Each cover includes a package of two reporter-style notebooks with black flexible cover, rounded corners, and blank ivory paper for jotting notes and insights. The Moleskine brand, worldwide leader... Read More


Sighting: “Wanted”

  Kenneth Ballard reports a notebook sighting we have not mentioned, in a James McAvoy film: In the movie “Wanted”, in the scene where Wes is gathering items from the library for his research (about 49 minutes into the movie),... Read More


ISO: A tear-out notebook

  Joe sent us this query. I'm posting it for your additional input. "I wonder if you could help me. My daughter (age 13, and an accomplished artist) wants a notebook "just like mine" (unruled Moleskine Pocket) except with tear-out... Read More


Snaps: Moleskine in Milan

Snaps from the Moleskine head office in Milan. Now you know where all those great ideas come from.;) View way larger pics... Read More


They smell!

  An impassioned plea from Ernie Resillez: "Look guys I am a huge Moleskine fan…huge. I have the pocket and the regular size. I have filled over 30 of the, they have been backpacking, Washington, Disney lots of places I... Read More