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Joe sent us this query. I'm posting it for your additional input.

"I wonder if you could help me. My daughter (age 13, and an accomplished artist) wants a notebook "just like mine" (unruled Moleskine Pocket) except with tear-out pages. Does such a thing exist, either from Moleskine or someone of similar quality? I know the cahiers have some tear-out pages, but she really wants the bigger, hardbound style, and ideally she'd like for ALL of the pages to be tear-out."

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  1. If you have a sewing machine and some spare time, you can stitch through individual pages close to the spine, providing a ‘tear’ line.

    Or, if your daughter wants to learn more about tricks that artist’s use, she can hold a ruler firmly against the page (ruler close to spine and away from the page to be removed) and carefully tear out the page against the ruler edge. A slightly wet brush can be run along the paper next to the ruler first to make it a bit easier to tear. This will give her a pseudo-deckle edge where the page was torn.

    Or she can just slip a cutting mat between the pages and cut the page out with an Olfa knife or scalpel.

  2. I use a rotary perforating trimmer and a ruler to have a tear-able projects. You can put an arts and crafts cutter board on the back of the page to prevent cutting into the next pages, and tear the pre-perforated page even when you’re on the go later on.

  3. Scrapbooking stores carry hand held perforators. You pull it along on a page and it cuts the perforation. The one I have was about $5.

  4. Why would she want to do this anyway?
    If it is worth creating in the first place it is worth saving – if only as a reminder in future years about how far she has come – and any work that is really good can be recreated and possibly improved on a single sheet later. I wish her luck anyway.

  5. I think those Eco Moleskine clones they sell at Barnes and Noble have all detachable pages. The paper is better than Moleskine’s and they come in various colors and sizes.

  6. Thanks! She doesn’t tend to carry a ruler or knife around with her, but a perforating tool is a great idea.

  7. @AK-Adventurer: Thanks! I’d seen the ecosystem notebooks, but didn’t realize they were perforated.

    @Chuck: Generally I agree, and I think she does too, but sometimes she draws things and then wants to give them to someone. Personally, I’d argue that this means she should’ve drawn it on loose paper instead of in her notebook in the first place, but have you tried arguing with a 13-year-old? 🙂

  8. The Moleskine Watercolor POCKET size has tear-out pages. I stress POCKET size – 3 1/2 x 5 1/2. I also have the 5 x 8 MS watercolor book – but the pages in this size are not perforated. I got mine through Amazon last year. The paper is excellent, nice and thick.

  9. if you can find them, multifin (a spanish stationer) makes a notebook very similar to the moleskine that has all perforated pages, plus the standard moleskine-style elastic band and pocket in the back cover. you can request the locations of their nearest dealer through their website, . i picked several up while in madrid last month and they’re really quite excellent.

  10. I know that the little mini volent is all tear out but, it small! really really REALLY small.

    And I just bought a watercolour moleskine and it is not tear out.

  11. I too have a Moleskine notebook for all my aanizmg thoughts. As a cash reward I am offering “a fistful of dollars” for its safe return. Needless to say I was ‘riding’ a ‘railcar’ in the ‘wild west’ when I filled that bit in.

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