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Ryan sent this query for that One Wallet To Hold Them All:

"I'm very much not into clutter. I like simple things and I really like Moleskines. I'm searching for a passport wallet that will also hold a Moleskine of standard size. Have you heard of anything like this? I'm going to be living in a foreign country and I'd like to be able to carry around a Moleskine/passport holder/wallet combo all in one."


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  1. The only thing I can think of that would fit your needs is the Moleskine Folio by Rickshaw Bags. There are two models, a smartphone and classic editions. The folios hold pens, some cards, has a zippered pouch, and a clear pocket in back. I have been using mine for a while now, and I love it. Very durable.

    The only difference in the classic and smartphone, is that in the latter they replace 2 or 3 of the pen holders for a smartphone pouch.

    Heres the link to a review of it which has good pictures:

    And heres a link to the maker’s product page:

    It’s $50, but it really is worth it. Only problem is the zippered pocket and clear pouch are kinda limiting. You can’t put a whole lot in them before you cant close the folio.

  2. Actually, I have a friend of mine does it the other way around; he uses the back pocket of his soft cover Moleskine pocket journal to hold his driver’s license, ATM card, and a couple of bills, and uses that instead of a wallet. It forces him to minimize the amount of wallet stuff he carries, and most people don’t think to pickpocket his notebook. He carries that, and his iPhone, and he says they’re the only things he carries on himself these days.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions! The folio looks like it will hold a passport, which would make it ideal; if I didn’t have to worry about carrying that around, I’d probably just use a Moleskine as a wallet.

  4. Levenger makes a leather “International Pocket Briefcase”. It holds a moleskine cahier and is designed to hold a passport as well. It has a place to store a mini pen. I use it to hold their notecards and a Fisher Space Pen as my every day wallet. Works great!

    For Regular-Sized Journals, you cannot beat the Rickshaw Moleskine Folio. I was one of the “Lucky 13” who was able to purchase a pre-production model a couple years ago and I absolutely love it.

  5. there are a couple of military small portfolios that should be able to do the job. ck out military gear sites or stores.

  6. The Rickshaw folio is great for this. I’ve had mine since it was introduced, and it works for both travel and daily use.

  7. I have the Rickshaw Folio and I love it! It is perfect for traveling and for every day use.

  8. Throwing in my recommendation for the Rickshaw Folio too. I use mine for traveling all the time and it’s perfect. The inside zip pocket holds my passport perfectly, and my itinerary (folded) goes in the clear pocket in the back.

    I’ve just ordered the Daily Planner Folio, which is thicker to accommodate the day per page Moleskine planner. I will probably use it for my Moleskine notebook, and take advantage of the extra space to put in more stuff (both in my notebook and in the pockets).

    FYI the Rickshaw Folios are for the Large size Moleskines. You can choose whatever fabric and color you want in their Customizer! Great product from an excellent company.

    (I’m not affiliated, just a very happy repeat customer!) 🙂

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