Mt. Hood Moleskine Journal Notes


Photographer and traveler Erik Gauger shares his latest mementos from a trek to Mt. Hood.

Lately I've been using my Moleskine to collect items I find in the field. It's a great way to identify species and collect a bit about the region you are in. I kept my Moleskine under heavy books for a couple weeks to ensure the plants pressed well. Also, I collected most of these along roads, rather than in preserves and natural areas.



5 thoughts on “Mt. Hood Moleskine Journal Notes

  1. Hi people
    This may seem completly random. but,
    I am completly lost on what to do in my moleskine.
    My first one started as an art journal, then travel journal, then random sketches and poems.
    If you can give me some sort of guidence of what I should “focus on” for my second one, I would be grateful.
    I just hate to keep changing the “theme” you know?

    I don’t think he drew that, I think it’s pressed leaves and flowers that were glued in. But if they were drawings than
    this person draws really really well.

  2. The great thing about a Moleskine is that it doesn’t have to be theme oriented. The journal police never come around to check on you anyway. The other solution is to keep separate journals or sketchbooks for a particular theme. Always have fun with them.

  3. Also my sketchbooks contain whatever I feel like putting in them. Same for my journal. Anything goes and I keep a running consecutive table of contents reserved on the last few pages of my journals.

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