Project: Moleskine iPad case


The Geek Collective takes the Moleskine where no notebook has gone before with this project – an iPad case. Brandon explains the "Why" part:

"Putting a case around an Apple product gives me mixed emotions. Apple puts so much devotion into designing their products that every detail has been thought about. Holding a bare iPhone or iPad, it just feels right, then only thing they don’t seem to take into consideration is, what if it is dropped, what if it is put in a bag, what if it rests on a rough surface, what if its in a pocket with keys. A case is needed…"

Now to the "How" part - LINK

9 thoughts on “Project: Moleskine iPad case

  1. Looks very funny to make, but I buy the DODOcase some weeks ago (I’m still waiting for it) and I prefer to waste the $49.99. At least for me looks more elegant and beautiful the DODO one.

  2. Yawn. Again?

    How many moleskines can we cut up and put money, ipads, etc. in?

    Where’s the creativity?

  3. How could you kill a perfectly good moleskine so that a electronic device can rest within its skeleton???

    Chatwin would be outraged.

  4. If you guys would read the post, I would never cut-up a moleskine. I made the whole case from scratch to match my moleskine.

  5. did you even follow the link?

    it ain’t the moleskine he used. He made it from scratch; cardboard, pleather, elastic ribbons.

    next time check before you post sth to prevent exposure of your idiocy.

  6. Moleskinerie was started by me to document the evolution of this product and the brand. That includes it’s competition and spin offs. I have also chosen to allow occasional unwarranted public scolding. Thanks to Moleskine, which despite acquiring this blog, has accorded me such independence.

    – Armand B. Frasco

  7. Gosh sorry people it was a honest to god mistake.
    There’s no need for name callling.
    It’s because the Ipod case was made with a real moleskine so I kinda assumed this one was as well.
    Then I followed the link and relized it wasn’t.

    Plus, is there even a moleskine that big?

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