Review: Rickshaw Bags Moleskine Folio


"Adventure Life" has a review of Rickshaw's Moleskine Folio. Steve  Casimiro writes:

"Without a doubt, the folio changes the minimalist Moleskine experience, but you’re richer for it. On a recent trip to Europe, I always knew where my passport was, always had my boarding pass handy, never freaked out about misplacing my iPhone, and had my luggage receipts at the ready when SAS left my skis in Frankfurt…"


5 thoughts on “Review: Rickshaw Bags Moleskine Folio

  1. This looks OK, but I don’t think I need to pay $50 just to have a place to put my pens. I can use my own poskets to put my pens in, but I suppose some peopel need something to spend money on, and I suppose this is just as useless an outlet as anything else.

  2. I have to agree with the first comment…the price is the biggest drawback for me. If it were around $25 CDN I’d be OK with it. But until then it’ll ride in my backpack.

  3. I saw this and ordered one right away. This is the cats meow! I dumped my $250 briefcase and minimized. It works and I travel much lighter. Carry your smart phone and borrow a laptop only if you need to. My back thanks you Rickshaw!

  4. I own two Rickshaw folios, one Original (in the faux suede fabric, which feels great) and one for the Daily planner. I’ve used these while traveling and I agree, they are fantastic. It’s very convenient to have my planner, passport, itinerary, maps and other documents all together. Excellent products! Thanks Rickshaw!

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