Storage option: Paper


Friend Johnny Gamber tipped us off to this excellent piece by Daniel Rutter at Dan’s Data.

“I just spent a while playing with an unusual data storage option.

That unusual storage option is… paper.

But not paper with boring old plain text on it. Paper with arbitrary digital data on it…”

A very simple proposition with intriguing possibilities.


3 thoughts on “Storage option: Paper

  1. I have digital files I can no longer access or read on many different, obsolete, and orphaned drives, applications, data formats. They are useless. On the other hand, I have drawers and cases full of photographs, slides, books, and magazines that I can access any time I wish. I have 16mm motion picture film shot in 1948 that I can still project.
    Out on the desert and along the Snake River, images picked into lava rocks more than 10,000 years ago are still visible. While the images are accessible, they are meaningless.
    If you want something to be permanent, carve it in stone.

    david boise ID

  2. Punch cards! Digital storage on paper? It’s been done: punch cards. Wikipedia has a great article on them.

  3. Ok, I shoulda read the whole article before punching “enter.” The article addresses the limited storage capacity of punch cards.

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