The New Moleskine Cover for Amazon Kindle

Celebrating the analog-digital continuum, Moleskine has unveiled it's new Kindle cover.

"Each cover includes a package of two reporter-style notebooks with black flexible cover, rounded corners, and blank ivory paper for jotting notes and insights. The Moleskine brand, worldwide leader in the traditionally analog stationery industry, envisions the analog-digital relation as a continuum, not a divide. The very idea of this new cover came from so-called Moleskine "notebook hackers", who create their own custom-made accessories that weave together paper pages and digital tools…"


12 thoughts on “The New Moleskine Cover for Amazon Kindle

  1. Come out with an iPad version! I’m in the market for one of those in the next 6 mos. I’d love to slip a Moleskine next to an iPad.

  2. Wow wow wow!!! I might have to pick one up for my husband!

    Actually, I don’t know if I foresee an iPad version…. maybe they will due to market demand, but for me, the Kindle and Moleskine go together well. The Kindle is just as classic, quiet, elegant. Very different from the colorful and flashy iPad…

  3. I hope you can flip the note-pad insert over and re-orient the cover with the kindle on the left. I’d prefer not to have my arm draped over it’s screen while writing notes.

    The current configuration is great for lefties, though.

  4. Anybody remember that little device that Microsoft was proposing to make that looked like the Moleskine but digital? This picture reminds me of it.

  5. Ooh…nice! I agree with Crosius though; it would make more sense to have the Kindle or e-reader on the left and the pad on the right for righties. I think they put the e-reader on the left because it’s the bottom part of the covers and it wouldn’t flop all over the place but if it’s lying on a flat surface, it wouldn’t make a difference.

    Hope they come out with one for Kobo or the iPad!

  6. Really?

    The Moleskine brand is diluted enough.

    Time to find an alternative that focuses on what it’s good at– paper. And, paper notebooks that don’t smell like jet fuel with legalistic replies to their consumers.

    Moleskine keeps going downhill, getting less interested in its customer service and product quality, and I’m sick of it.

  7. One of the reasons I love my Kindle is that it has helped me improve a lot on my efficiency and utilize my time. Before I have the Kindle, waiting time like when I’m waiting for friends or waiting for shuttle bus or some thing like that is simply wasted. Now I just need to bring the Kindle 2 along with me, and all my favorite books are inside it. Another thing I like the most is the text-to-speech function, which means I can “read” books without even holding or looking at the Kindle. Now I like to use this function when I’ve myself busy on some boring things, say when I’m on the step machine or doing some housework…

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