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Book: Moresukine

Expat in Japan experiences all things Japanese as ordered online! Dirk lived in Tokyo, had a comics blog where he had people dare him to try all sorts of different things, exotic, disgusting, revealing, whatever!, in this land of the … Continue reading

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Hola a todos! Announcing in Spanish

Reaching ever further, has just opened a section in the Spanish language.  Link

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Kydex Moleskine Cover

Jeff wrote us about a range of protective cases he made for notebooks, including Moleskine.   I am a graphic artist and designer of Kydex products for Tactical, Survival and everyday use. I use my Moleskine as a sketch training tool and … Continue reading

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“I left my Moleskine notebook in the backseat of a taxi in Paris…”

  What to do? This forum thread offers helpful, hopeful hint.  "You may want to contact the taxi cab company. Esay to find if you remember what it was: G7, taxis bleus… Otherwise, if you have a receipt from the … Continue reading

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Tim Baynes: Moleskine to monoprint

  In London in October there is an exhibition Journeys by Tim Baynes (21 October – 14 November 2010) It represents unique view of cities across the world. The idea was born through six years of Tim Baynes’ far-flung business … Continue reading

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Project: Turn a Moleskine into a travel journal

Notebooks conjure travel and adventure for many. More so when they are clad in these fancy cases by CÉLINE NAVARRO. It all begins thus: "Simply add double-sided tape on the front and back covers of your Moleskine journal…." LEARN HOW. … Continue reading

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Snapshot: Irene and Man Yung

  Every week in 2010 we will shine the light on a Moleskine user across the globe, this week's snapshot is on Irene and Man Yung. If you want to be featured in upcoming weeks, please email us!  Name:  Irene … Continue reading

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Room with a view: The Moleskine New York office

  Always a treat to visit the Big Apple and visit old friends. Here are freshly-uploaded snaps from the NYC office of Moleskine. Personal kudos to the photographer. I love the window sunset shot!:) VIEW THE FLICKR PHOTO SET

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“Saint Lawrence Night”

  Our friend Andrea sent us a heads up on something to look upward to next month. "In Italy there is a tradition celebrated every year August 10th  called the “Saint Lawrence Night”. Legend has it that during this period … Continue reading

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The Brainstormer

Andrew Bosely emailed us about a tool he's created. "I recently finished building a creative tool for writers and artists called the Brainstormer.  It started as a list of words in the back of my first Moleskine, but has since … Continue reading

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