The Brainstormer


Andrew Bosely emailed us about a tool he's created.

"I recently finished building a creative tool for writers and artists called the Brainstormer.  It started as a list of words in the back of my first Moleskine, but has since transformed into a free online tool and an upgraded, customizable iphone app.  It's indispensable to me as a concept artist, illustrator, and amateur writer.  I know it would be a perfect fit for most creative Moleskine users."


4 thoughts on “The Brainstormer

  1. Hi!

    Thanks for this post – I’m looking forward to get my own moleskine notebook in a few days. It took me many years to resist, before realising that it’s futile. I love this post, especially, and I went to Andrew’s brainstormer tool – awesome. It’s helpful for me as not only I write in my spare time, I’m constantly brainstorming myself as a process designer. Do keep em coming and cheers for now.

  2. I love this app, thanks a lot for making it! I especially love that it is customizable and have been collecting cool words all day 😉

  3. Very cool idea! Currently, as someone who is building a portfolio for my photography, writings, and architecture concepts this helps.

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