Book: Moresukine


Expat in Japan experiences all things Japanese as ordered online! Dirk lived in Tokyo, had a comics blog where he had people dare him to try all sorts of different things, exotic, disgusting, revealing, whatever!, in this land of the rising sun, and then relate it with funky humor on the blog. Result is quite a fascinating inside look at Japanese society, how they live, how they think, what they eat. Moresukine is the Japanese way of pronouncing Moleskine as these comics were created on one.

From Boingboing:

“In late 2005 Dirk Schwieger, a German cartoonist, went to live in Japan for a year. He got an office job, and started keeping a journal of his experiences in Tokyo. On his blog, he invited readers to email him “assignments,” which he dutifully carried out and reported in comic strip format in a Moleskine notebook.”


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