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Hi everyone. My name is Armand Frasco. I started moleskinerie.com on January 12, 2004. Today (July 16) is my birthday. To thank you for years of loyal readership and friendship, I'd like to personally raffle off 5 gift packages containing at least 1 Moleskine product and other surprises. Greetings are appreciated but what I'd like to hear are your honest opinions about how our blog is doing and the things you want to see here. 

As with everything else, the future is not certain and so on my birthday I'd like to touch base with all of you my fellow notebook aficionados from around the world. Let's talk about relevance and how you see moleskinerie.com in the grand scheme of things. say it well. This may be the most important comment you can make on this blog.

 谢谢شكرا  ‎ Спасибо  どうもありがとう Merci, Muchas Gracias, Grazie. Maraming Salamat. Thank you everyone. 


Note: Winners will be picked from commenters on this post only. Use a valid email address in your comments. Let me party tomorrow and over the weekend. We'll be back on Monday with the winners. No duplicate entries please. This is a personal initiative.

COMMENTS ARE MODERATED AND MAY NOT SHOW UP IMMEDIATELY, especially that I'm away partying so patience please. No need to resubmit.


Update: Sunday, 9:00 PM. CST. This contest is now closed. I'll post the winners' names tomorrow, Monday. Thanks everyone for the greet and more importantly, your thoughts. – Armand B. Frasco

Update: Monday, 19 July 2010 9.10PM CST

The winners for this raffle draw are:


Jane Reeves, 



Courtney F and 

Tomas Benadik

Please respond to the notification email so I can send your prizes soonest. 

I wish to thank everyone for the greets and joining me on this little online get-together. It's been so cool to get back in touch with some of the original Moleskinerie friends from our earliest days and meet new ones. More giveaways and fun stuff to come! – Armand B. Frasco

134 thoughts on “Hello from your blogger

  1. I subscribe to your blog’s feed because I enjoy learning about how people use their journals every day — and I like reading about new products too. I’m glad that you’re here to share those things with us. 🙂 Happy birthday!

  2. Feliz Cumpleanos, Armando.

    I’ve been a faithful reader for some time. I love all things Moleskine, but once in a while I like to read about how famous figures (e.g., Chatwin or Hemingway) used their notebooks (Moleskine or not). It provides great inspiration on how to use our awesome little notebooks.

  3. I love this blog, too. But sorry, I love my Moleskines even more. Happy Birthday and keep up the great, truly inspiring coverage. All the best.

  4. I write short stories. I collect phrases, pictures, ideas, notebooks and pens. They all get pulled into service to suit my varying moods. So, where Moleskine is concerned, they all get a dose of the various leather covers I have purchased for them, but sometimes I just want to carry one allnatural, in its native birthday suit. Moleskinerie gives me more ideas for my next Moleskine, it gives me glimpses into other’s Moleskines, and it gives me glimpses into other users lives. Thank you for a delightful place to visit, but also for a great place for more ideas, for more stories, and for the fuel to keep writing. Happy Birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday!
    Being an engineer, I’m happy to read your blog as it gives me insight into other side of “creative”!
    Can’t even remember how many time I’ve used ideas from here!

    All best to you!

  6. Happy Birthday, Armand!
    I’ve been a fan of both Moleskines and Moleskinerie since 2004 and I’ve seen both change a lot in the past years. I miss the feel of beeing part of a secret, exclusive group. I also miss the excitement Moleskinerie spread back then. I understand that the notebook world keeps turning and the public awareness of Moleskinerie has changed. I still secretly wish we hadn’t stopped feeling like having discovered a hidden treasure. And I wish you returned to the frequency and quality of posts you were making some years ago. But I know running this place must be a lot of work and we probably can’t go back to how it was in 2004…

  7. Maligayang bati sa iyong kaarawan!

    I really enjoy this website, especially reading about Moleskine users in various parts of the world through your Snapshot section. This website could use more updates. But other than that, congratulations!

  8. I have been reading Moleskinerie.com since 2006. I bought my first Moleskine notebook that January without realizing what a treasure it was. Shortly after, I researched the brand and found your blog, and the rest is history! I am not ashamed to admit that it is my favorite way of procrastinating. 🙂 Happy Birthday to you, and may you have many more happy, healthy and creative years to come!

  9. I’ve read Moleskinerie for a couple of years now. It’s in my google reader so I always see the new posts that come up.

    I’ve been a Moleskine fan for awhile now, but more importantly I’m a notebook fan period. I love to the way the old method helps to grow my own creativity and allows me to dump my brain in a quick and easy centrally located spot. As this pertains to Moleskinerie.com, I love to read how this same process effects other people as well. The snapshots you’ve been posting as of late are my favorites just because we get a quick insight to how the creative people of the work function and how they use their notebooks to bring their ideas to life. I’m not so married to the brand of Moleskine itself, but I do love the creative community it pushes along and Moleskinerie has always been a great centralized showcase for that very same creative community.

    Push on, I’ll continue to enjoy!

  10. Hey, happy birthday. This is one of the classiest blogs out there 😉 I really enjoy it and am disappointed when there isn’t a new post every day!

  11. Happy Birthday!!!

    i discovered your blog about 3 years ago and since it is one of my “petits plaisirs quotidiens” to visit it.

    it introduces me to the wide world of notebookd addict.

    Lately i particurlaly love the snap shots.
    So, bravo for the great job you’re doing with this blog and, again, joyeux anniversaire!

    Claire (Paris-France)

  12. Happy Birthday and thanks for this Blog! I´ve been here every day (sometimes two or three times) and love the articles (hope you and everybody understand my bad english)! I´ve been Moleskine-addicted since 3 years and looking every day for new Stuff and these Blog show me all the good Stuff! Thx for that! Keep on going and writing! These words are real – I Love This Blog! So, keep up the good work! Peace!

  13. Happy birthday and thank you for this site and your efforts. I think I follow you since you start and now I follow you on google reader so I never miss any update. I would like more review, like pens and stuff, perhaps some case for the moleskine, some hacks too. And I still enjoy to see how people use their moleskine. So keep the good work 🙂

    Gordon, from Paris with love 😉

  14. Happy Birthday!I do love the blog and read everyday. There tends to mostly artists featured and I would love to see more writers. Reviews and hacks are always great to see here. I appreciate what you do and always look forward to your posts.
    Take care,Nr

  15. Been following your blog for a while now and I should say it is absolutely great! To see how other people use their notebooks, planners, etc and how they’re addicted to it is very gratifying. Thank you for taking the time and the effort to make this and, well, happy birthday!

  16. Hello,
    I have been reading this blog for several years. I really like seeing what other people create in their Moleskine…..please keep it up and Happy Birthday!

  17. Hey, happy birthday, congrats on having a good blog. You’ve done a great job picking an interesting topic and sticking to it.

  18. Well, belated Happy birthday (and many more). I found the site a few weeks ago following a blog link, and have been wonderfully impressed by the content and the people we meet.

    I’ve been using Moles for about 2 years now, and have 3 in circulation: 1 general story/writing observation (my hobby and downtime passion), 1 for recipes and cooking notes (how I earn a living) and a third (softside) I just took as a trail journal on a two week backpacking trip in New Mexico.

    Since I’ve started carrying the books, I have to say it has allowed me to write down my “I need to remember this” moments. I’ve been able to sketch plates, ingredients lists and the thousand and one others things formerly written on order tapes, napkins and whatnot. I only need to get my kitchen brigade some for the same reasons.

  19. Happy Birthday

    I LOVE moleskinerie, i only just found it and it has become my new favourite blog, i love reading all about moleskines and the people who use them. It’s nice to have a ‘community’ of people who all love the same thing right there on your computer to me thats what you’ve created.

    Thanks for a fantastic site and hears to many more years of moleskinerie.

  20. Hello.

    I don’t want to go in detailed description how great your blog moleskinerie.com is. I think it’s еnough to tell that I reading it on the daily basis.

    But most impressive thing I want to tell You, Armand, that Your moleskinerie.com and notebookism.com blogs gave me an impulse to start notbook-related blog here in Russia. It’s called Tvoy Bloknot (Your Notebook). It’s been almost 2 years since launch, now it’s quite popular here with stable fan base, themes, fav. topics… But still I came back everyday on moleskinerie.com to read the moleskine-related news from professional. Let me say more – from more experiensed collegue of mine 🙂

    Thank you for your work, Armand.
    Thank you for inspiration!

    Congrats with BDay and wish you all the best!


  21. Hey Armand – happy b’day and many more. MS has been, and continues to be, part of my daily online reads. Always a creative inspiration to me and comfort to find so many others who embrace the little black books. Be well!

  22. This is one of the first blogs I read on my weekly ‘sit down with coffee and catch up on all the wonderful things out there’ read.

    You do a great job….and Happy Birthday!

  23. Happy Birthday!
    I just started reading this site some time in early 2010 when I started using Google Reader.

    I adore blank notebooks. There’s something about that new sheet of paper that exhilarates me.

    …And then I found out about Moleskines — which I sadly cannot really afford to purchase often (I have one skimpy notebook).

    Reading this website made me realize that I am not even close to being the only person who values the magnitude of potential in each blank piece of paper. I especially love reading the interviews of people with Moleskine notebooks from all over the world. The different perspectives and experiences make me smile. Thank you for your effort.

  24. Armand – Happy Birthday! I love this blog, and enjoy seeing the many and varied things that are posted. I hope it can continue and we can see all the things that so many people do with their Moleskines. I especially love to see the artwork that you feature!

  25. This is one of only a handful of blogs I follow. I love to see what new products are being cooked up (still holding out for a blank citybook for us small town folks with no hopes of landing a city specific one).
    It’s also great inspiration to see what other people create. I’m fascinated that people can be united by something as simple as a notebook.
    Happy Birthday and thank you for making this blog possible!

  26. I, too, love coming to see how individuals are using their moleskines.
    Very much appreciate all you’ve put into this blog all this time.
    Also, I just spotted a Moleskine in use on the British sitcom,
    “After You’ve Gone” (on PBS, here in NJ)

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday celebration!!

  27. Happy Birthday! This blog is one of 8 in my ultimate favorites list. (I’ve book marked hundreds of others.) I love the feature of highlighting people around the world with their moleskine notebooks. I’ve gotten hooked on moleskines because of your blog! thanks!!

  28. This blog has definitely fuelled my interest in moleskines. The group on flickr is a great community and it’s awesome seeing what other people have done in their moleskines.

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