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Hi everyone. My name is Armand Frasco. I started moleskinerie.com on January 12, 2004. Today (July 16) is my birthday. To thank you for years of loyal readership and friendship, I'd like to personally raffle off 5 gift packages containing at least 1 Moleskine product and other surprises. Greetings are appreciated but what I'd like to hear are your honest opinions about how our blog is doing and the things you want to see here. 

As with everything else, the future is not certain and so on my birthday I'd like to touch base with all of you my fellow notebook aficionados from around the world. Let's talk about relevance and how you see moleskinerie.com in the grand scheme of things. say it well. This may be the most important comment you can make on this blog.

 谢谢شكرا  ‎ Спасибо  どうもありがとう Merci, Muchas Gracias, Grazie. Maraming Salamat. Thank you everyone. 


Note: Winners will be picked from commenters on this post only. Use a valid email address in your comments. Let me party tomorrow and over the weekend. We'll be back on Monday with the winners. No duplicate entries please. This is a personal initiative.

COMMENTS ARE MODERATED AND MAY NOT SHOW UP IMMEDIATELY, especially that I'm away partying so patience please. No need to resubmit.


Update: Sunday, 9:00 PM. CST. This contest is now closed. I'll post the winners' names tomorrow, Monday. Thanks everyone for the greet and more importantly, your thoughts. – Armand B. Frasco

Update: Monday, 19 July 2010 9.10PM CST

The winners for this raffle draw are:


Jane Reeves, 



Courtney F and 

Tomas Benadik

Please respond to the notification email so I can send your prizes soonest. 

I wish to thank everyone for the greets and joining me on this little online get-together. It's been so cool to get back in touch with some of the original Moleskinerie friends from our earliest days and meet new ones. More giveaways and fun stuff to come! – Armand B. Frasco

134 thoughts on “Hello from your blogger

  1. I have this blog in my google reader so I don’t miss anything. I like to see how other people use their Moleskines. I love that you’ve added “What’s in your bag” too. I guess I’m a bit of a voyeur, really. *laughs*

    Happy Birthday to you, Bonne Fete! *waves from the west coast of Canada*

  2. This site is extremely relevant, I want to make that clear. Having a site to come and connect with all the resources you have brought together is a joy in every update.

    As far as the future goes, I can see the site becoming more social in how it interacts with the community. Perhaps reaching out to bloggers who talk about Moleskines and notebooks in general in order to better funnel the available information.

    An example of this would be to get a group of motivated volunteers to scour the web to find the relevant sites and people. By doing this, the website betters itself, while at the same time allowing relatively unknown bloggers to get a small limelight in their field of expertise.

    Another thing to consider is maybe designing a business-sized card for people to print out that they could give to friends, family and to put in books and such. Allowing people the resources for self-motivated advertisement is a win-win.

    Trenton Stahl

  3. Been reading your site for quite a while now, helps feed my notebook addiction, always enjoy the various topics on here but especially the spotlight feature. Great to see the different Moleskine users and how they use their notebooks.

    Keep up the great work.

  4. My absolute favourite part is when you show what other people do with their Moleskines. Because after all, they are just a tool, and it’s what we do with them that counts.

    Keep up the fantastic work.

  5. Happiest of birthdays to you! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    I love the fact that this site provides a place for me to come and learn/dream/imagine about little notebooks (and what goes in them) that probably don’t mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but they still mean a lot to me.

  6. This site has been an inspiration to me for a long, long while…Happy Birthday and thank you.

    Austin, Texas

  7. Happy Birthday Armand … we share the same birthday.:D
    for my birthday today, I am getting the Passions Wellness for myself.

    I’ve been a “lurker” in moleskinerie since I knew about its existence long time ago. I come here to read on new products, admire the arts and drawings by the moleskine artist and get some ideas on how to use or utilise my moleskine more. My favourite segment is the snapshots of other moleskine users. I just love to red how other people use their little black book 😀

  8. Armand, you have a great blog and its one that I eagerly read. I look forward to more posts in the future.

  9. First off, Happy Birthday! Do enjoy it! About this blog, I am total Moleskine fan and seeing posts relating to this brand has been quite addicting and gives me a window to world of other Moleskine fans. I for sure would like to see more DIY modifications that other people are doing to improve their Moleskine experience. Hope all is well and enjoy the bday again!

  10. happy b-day armand!

    I found your blog a few weeks ago and I’m quite impressed with it. I never realized that there
    were moleskine aficionados out there just like me. Finding your site was like opening a door to an unknown universe.
    I’m looking forward to future posts and the ‘what’s in your bag’ pics, those are great.


  11. Man, I remember when I first was carrying moleskine and became a fan, I went to the net to find something and at first nothing….and then BAM, MOLESKINERIE. Since then I’ve enjoyed a lot of posts from you guys, you’ve kept me hooked.

  12. Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a good, and thank you for the generous gift your willing to give out.

  13. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful celebration. You deserve it, for consistently providing such interesting content on this blog. It’s always so inspiring to read about how others use their notebooks, new developments from the Moleskine company, and just general Moleskine enthusiasm. I’m in love with mine, and it’s so fun to come on your website and feel like a part of a community. So thanks! And have a great birthday. 🙂

  14. Happy Birthday. I, too, keep tabs on what you write with Google Reader. Very helpful. Good work.

  15. I just started reading this blog (added to Google Reader so I don’t miss a thing). It’s wonderful! I think having occasional notebooking 101 posts may be interesting. It’s always good to get back to basics with things people do for note taking.

  16. Moleskinerie is a flagship among blogs on notebooks, pens, and writing by hand. I’ve been reading it since 2004, when you linked to a post of mine showing a simple travel drawing in my Moleskine. I no longer have the blog, and things have gotten much more sophisticated at Moleskinerie, but I still feel the personal connection and marvel at what you have created. Thank you, and Happy Birthday, Armand!

  17. Happy Birthday Armand!
    I have enjoyed this website immensely. I have made frequent comments and wish more visitors would do the same.
    I am an artist and I fill Moleskine journals with notes, to do lists, mental meanderings, drawings and various pastings of paper ephemera. I always find interesting topics and enjoy seeing how others use their notebooks. I use lined and unlined Moleskines, watercolor books and sketchbooks. I plan on visiting this site often as usual and continue to leave comments to interact with others who visit the site. Sometimes I may connect with someone else who left comments. One response I saw was “Well said Former Vet”. It’s good to connect with someone of a kindred spirit…an American Veteran..the best. Thank you Armand for this site.

  18. Happy Birthday!
    I love this blog nearly as much as I love moleskines themselves. It’s great how you encourage creativity using moleskines as your vehicle.

  19. Happy Birthday Armand!!! I have enjoyed this blog for several years; finding it shortly after I discovered the Moleskine notebooks. I enjoy seeing how people use Moleskines, but I think I like seeing the work of new (or established) artists and writers on the site more. I think it would be nice to showcase the work of artists of all kinds and media, even if their work isn’t in a Moleskine. These showcases could inspire others to create and maybe push those sketchy and unfinished ideas in their notebooks to something polished and surprising, because, for me, Moleskines are a place where my ideas are rudimentary and not yet realized. They are only teh first steps.
    I would also appreciate maybe a closer look at the folio proffesional line, since I know it exists, but haven’t really seen much material on it. Thank you so much for your time and effort in creating this site!!

  20. Happy Birthday!
    For a while, the blog have been sleepy, the recent introduction of weekly moleskiners around the globe have help to juice up the blog. More content on users and creative use of moleskine please…

  21. I too wish you a Happy Birthday, Armand! I have been visiting this site almost daily for many years. I use my moleskines as journals/diaries. I am not an artist, but am a fairly decent photographer so I add pictures, letters, announcements, ticket stubs, etc. to break up the writing and make the pages more colorful.

    I used to love reading about all the hacks for Moleskines, but as I ‘mature’ I find I don’t need or use many of them – just let me have my ‘book’! I did, however, splurge on a leather cover from Renaissance Art (the new thinner kind) and I love it. I also like the MSK templates. When I get behind in my writing, I sometimes type my entries on one of these using larger size print and a colorful script and stick them in my book. It’s much faster than writing and again adds something different and colorful.

    I can appreciate how difficult it must be to constantly be searching for articles for the site, but really miss it when there isn’t something new.

    Keep up the good work and have a great weekend celebrating your accomplishments!

  22. Happy Birthday from Singapore, by way of New Zealand. Notebooks, like blogs, bring us all together from around the world. The strength of your site is it provides that forum for us to meet, share, gawk and awe at how we all use (and abuse!) our notebooks, and how the notebooks all add to the fabric of our lives, and inherently our societies.

    Love your work.

  23. Happy Birthday! I’ve only been reading this blog for a year or so, but it’s one of my favorites to see pop up on my reader. Seeing the content in other peoples moleskines is inspiring and interesting and I’ve really enjoyed the weekly feature of a user. The information here has shown me to new pens to compliment my journals as well cool ideas! So thank you for all the time and effort I know goes into a website like this.

  24. I would love to see how people use thier moleskines, some sort of show n tell. For instance, my moleskine pocket is divided on a planner and section notes for my projects and notes using postit separators, and now it is the most productivr thing i have had (after being a palm user, after using evernote and google combo) so maybe there are some people out there wantng to share this info and helping some others make their lives more simple and clutterless.

    Maybe a flickr pool for showing, and a section of hacks like pocket printouts and that sort of stuff for customizing your notebook. Which pen is better, how to move from digital to moleskine.

    You could make moleskinerie more community driven, more user content and posting more frequently using content from your readers. Maybe a guest editor to help you out…

    Happy birthday!

  25. First of all – all the best to your birthday 🙂
    Second – huge THANKS for this site. Ever since I got my first Moleskine and fell in love with it, I was looking for more info and stumbled upon this site. And ever since I stumbled upon it, I was smiling every time I visited it. And I went through ALL the posts. Which took me quite a while and I enjoyed every bit of it.
    It is so loaded with inspiration and joy words can’t describe it.
    And it’s precisely one of the things where someone gives without asking for something in return – and gives a lot, a lot. I cherish every such occurence as much as I cherish those precious moments when I take up a pen, Moleskine and get to writing. At that moment, I’m strictly human – I see pen tracing lines on a smooth paper, I create something through my mind, my eye, my hand, I give something out.
    And you give something out. An opportunity for a mere human to see, wonder, participate and share what other human beings in this weird, wide, magical and mysterious world are doing, creating and sharing.
    So thanks for that, once again. May all the good befall you and may your life be full of joy – big and small, to share with others. Sincerely, all the best, sir 🙂

  26. For me, I’m always inspired by how such a little notebook plays such a huge role in so many people’s lives. Moleskinerie literally makes this a universally shared experience and makes me feel like I have something in common with someone across the world.

  27. Happy Birthday Armand. I read this blog almost since the beggining and love everything in it. Hope you post more often.
    You missed the Portuguese word for Thank You (Obrigado)!
    Good work.

  28. I thoroughly enjoy reading the posts Armand and was wondering if you had thought about children who use Moleskines? Could they not be featured, or even supplied with moleskines to see what they come up with and what use they make of them? As a teacher I know that children love making and using small notebooks for all sorts of stuff.
    Happy Birthday!

  29. Congrats! Enjoy your party 😉
    I really like this blog, but I’d appreciate a little bit more well-arranged design with visible menu of categories 😉

  30. Congrats!

    The added value of a Mole consists IMHO of two layers. The first is the product itself. Need I say more?

    The second is without doubt moleskine.com. It’s a true value to read about fellow users. To be flabbergasted by some of the art and alternative usages, but also read about common usage. That balance makes the difference.

    I’m from the Netherlands and I always feel a connection when e.g. someone from China or Argentina posts just a common post or comment. We are family!

    So…keep that up!

  31. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the blog too.

    I like the spotlight on people that you have added and the shots of people’s moleskine notebooks.

    I would like to see more stuff for those who are left-brain leaning. The art and drawings are great, but they seem to dominate…is no one using this in more left-brain ways? I enjoy the art, but would enjoy seeing inside the notebooks of people who just journal, are scientists, naturalist, backpackers, etc.

    Also more tips, tricks, and hacks for the notebook.

    Thanks again.

  32. Hello from Belgium, thank you for your amazing blog, and

    Joyeux anniversaire ! ( Happy birthday !)

  33. Happy Birthday Armand! I discovered the moleskine notebook about 5 years ago. Prior to that I purchased expensive journals to provide a medium for my self-described hypergraphia. Moleskines are so much better as far as the quality and craftmanship that goes into them. My addiction to them will probably last a lifetime. On occasion I see people during the morning commute on the subway, writing in the moleskines or reading from their Kindles.

  34. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day! I was looking around the web for more info on Moleskines and this site come up. It’s the best one I’ve found. I get all the news about them from here. I really enjoy the snapshots posts and the ones where moleskines where spotted in the wild. I think they both really help the blog become more personal to it’s readers. Since it’s the readers contributing to the content. Keep up the great work!

  35. I only recently discovered this blog and I love seeing the creativity of other moleskine users. Seeing the artwork of others is always an inspiration and encouragement to me.

    Happy birthday!

  36. The gentle tug of the black elastic as it slips away. That first moment of inspiration when the creamy blank page presents itself. The satisfying “click” of the pen in hand. . . “What do you keep in there?” asks the passenger sitting next to me. “Everything.”

    You are doing good work, Armand.

    Happy Birthday.

  37. Hello Armand!

    First of all, a very happy birthday to you – and since you’re under the zodiac sign of cancer, it comes as no surprise that you wish to enjoy the festivities with your loved ones and celebrate – you’re more than entitled to do so, and I do hope you have a wonderful time!

    As for moleskinerie – as I’ve read from comments above, I also have this blog on my feed reader so that I don’t miss a thing. I do enjoy the articles that showcase different moleskine users from all over the world, since it allows us to see who’s out there and why they chose this brand over any other.
    But I wouldn’t be completely honest if I didn’t say that my favorite posts are the give-aways 😉
    It’s not that moleskines are that expensive – if we consider their quality and durability – but I think it feels a lot better when you win something through your own efforts. That said, I support specific giveaways, not the random ones. For example, getting people to justify why they should get a specific moleskine, what they would do with it or to get it.

    Also, having a ‘suggestions’ category would be nice. People could tell what they like more and less about their moleskines, and make suggestions as to what’s missing from the product line or what should be done differently.

    Another thing that popped into my mind was some sort of ‘pass it on’ project. I’m not sure how that could turn out, but I’ll try to give an idea for it.
    For example, there could be a number of moleskine notebooks/journals that would travel all over the world. Each person would get it, write or draw something of their liking in it, and in the end all those notebooks could be given to children in hospitals for christmas, or maybe also to elder people. There could even be categories for those moleskines: ‘the moleskine of inspiring quotes’, ‘drawings of the world’, ‘how to say a number of words/phrases in different languages’, etc.

    I believe it could be a good way to brighten up the days of those who wish they could see a bit more of the World outside, and spread the moleskine love.

  38. I found this blog a couple of days after I got my first moleskine; it became a routine reading in no time.

  39. Armand,

    Moleskinerie remains one of my “first-thing-in-the-morning” visits. You do such a great job that I am disappointed when the blog has not been updated — I understand, but I am disappointed.

    Please endeavor to keep up the good work.

    And happy birthday. Many happy returns of the day. Pretend you, like this blog, are 6 years old. Ah, so much to learn!


    Jim Six

  40. I just found about this blog a couple of weeks ago, but since then have been going through the archives. This blog is just the right thing, to spend some time and to find valuable (!) information concerning my dearest gadget!

  41. I rather enjoy this site, so much so I check it everyday for anything “new”. I have several different moleskines, but my main one is a pocket sized, hardcover, ruled notebook that I carry every day in my suit. I am a Financial Advisor who specializes in Risk Management, and I love being able to jot down quick notes from a client meeting, or a telephone call, or just brainstorming in a coffee shop. I still get a lot of questions over my moleskine and I’m always ready with my endorsement. Although I am also a “Crackberry” addict, I couldn’t imagine leaving my house or office without my moleskine. Happy Birthday and thanks for moleskinerie!

  42. Happy Birthday Armand!! Thank you for all the wonderful years of service for this site. Your work and dedication to providing wonderful access to the world of Moleskine love I have ever seen!

    What do I love about Moleskinerie? Well, it’s the first link in my morning routine. I have my coffee reading this blog and following the delicious links that you have found. I love reading about all the various ways that the Moleskine can be used, from the GTD hacks to the artist’s links and works.

    I love the announcements of new developments so I can be front in line when new Moley’s come out like the new Passions line. After reading the links you have provided for the various websites highlighted, I usually come back and look at the Moleskine flickr site for awhile to see the new drawings there.

    I am an artist and use the Moley sketchbook as my art journal. I record nature and my life’s findings and experiences with both pictures and words. I also use the watercolor journal to do plein aires when I’m out and about. My sketchbook is housed in a Rickshaw bag’s folio I first heard of on this site. I also have the Book Journal (Passions) and the Wellness Journal (not so good at keeping up with that!!)–both from hearing about it here!

    What would I like to see more of? Or things you haven’t addressed? That is a hard one, as there are so many different venues. I would just say, “Keep doing what you are doing!!!” I love it all!!

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! For all the hard work it takes to keep this up! The Moleskine people should be paying you!!!! And have a great birthday too!!!

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