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Hi everyone. My name is Armand Frasco. I started moleskinerie.com on January 12, 2004. Today (July 16) is my birthday. To thank you for years of loyal readership and friendship, I'd like to personally raffle off 5 gift packages containing at least 1 Moleskine product and other surprises. Greetings are appreciated but what I'd like to hear are your honest opinions about how our blog is doing and the things you want to see here. 

As with everything else, the future is not certain and so on my birthday I'd like to touch base with all of you my fellow notebook aficionados from around the world. Let's talk about relevance and how you see moleskinerie.com in the grand scheme of things. say it well. This may be the most important comment you can make on this blog.

 谢谢شكرا  ‎ Спасибо  どうもありがとう Merci, Muchas Gracias, Grazie. Maraming Salamat. Thank you everyone. 


Note: Winners will be picked from commenters on this post only. Use a valid email address in your comments. Let me party tomorrow and over the weekend. We'll be back on Monday with the winners. No duplicate entries please. This is a personal initiative.

COMMENTS ARE MODERATED AND MAY NOT SHOW UP IMMEDIATELY, especially that I'm away partying so patience please. No need to resubmit.


Update: Sunday, 9:00 PM. CST. This contest is now closed. I'll post the winners' names tomorrow, Monday. Thanks everyone for the greet and more importantly, your thoughts. – Armand B. Frasco

Update: Monday, 19 July 2010 9.10PM CST

The winners for this raffle draw are:


Jane Reeves, 



Courtney F and 

Tomas Benadik

Please respond to the notification email so I can send your prizes soonest. 

I wish to thank everyone for the greets and joining me on this little online get-together. It's been so cool to get back in touch with some of the original Moleskinerie friends from our earliest days and meet new ones. More giveaways and fun stuff to come! – Armand B. Frasco

134 thoughts on “Hello from your blogger

  1. Happy Birthday!

    I found this blog through facebook and since then I check it most days. It’s nice to see what other people do with their notebooks. It also makes me jealous as I can’t draw for the life of me, seeing the spotlights on other peoples work and how creative they are.
    Keep up the good work!!

  2. A very very happy birthday to you, Armand! Looking back at early 2004, I can’t help but by struck by how danged long we’ve been blogging!

    I’ve been particularly enjoying the features on M-users and, as someone already pointed out, I particularly enjoy seeing what regular folks are doing with/in their notebooks!

  3. Happy Birthday Armand! I have enjoyed this blog for quite awhile now. I love to hear about upcoming releases and especially what other people are doing with their Moleskines. I look to your blog for inspiration and ideas and just to feel connected to others who share the same affection for Moleskine products. Thank you for putting it all out there for us. Please keep up with your feature on Moleskine users, I love to see what others are up to and get a peek into their notebooks. Thanks again!

  4. I’ve been a reader of Moleskinerie (and Notebookism) for several years. I keep them both in my RSS reader, and am always pleased when the boldface type indicates a new article. I like the sense of being in touch with others who use notebooks as I do, and even more with those who use them in different ways than I do. So much creativity! News of new products is interesting but not so important, because I’m pretty well stuck on the notebooks that I like; not much experimentation any more. Happy birthday to you and thanks for all you do.

  5. Happy Birthday! I’d love to see more looks inside the notebooks of Moleskine users, and more behind-the-scenes info from Moleskine about how they develop new products, etc.

  6. I always keep up with moleskine news thru this blog (it’s saved in my google reader.)

    Happy birthday and thank you for sharing notebook and moleskine news with us! 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday Armand!

    Thank you for this blog, I have been following this for a few years now. I currently have 3 Moleskins I use. One is a journal, one is for results for my coffee roasting, and for sketching, and one I carry around all the time just to record my thoughts at the time that I need to remember. I also have one journal that is full. They are great.

  8. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a lovely time celebrating and that the year ahead will hold time to capture words and memories in your moleskines. I so enjoy visiting your blog and being a part of the moleskine community.

  9. Happy Birthday!!
    The blog is a great way to keep up with what is going on in the Moleskine (analog) world.

  10. First off – Happy Birthday!

    And a big thank you for taking the time to run this wonderful blog! As a fellow notebook lover, I really seeing how other people use their notebooks. They serve as a constant inspiration and remind me of the creativity that a simple medium like a notebook and a pen can inspire.

    I have occasionally submitted links to the blog and have watched it grow. I love the new segment on readers notebooks. Kudos on doing a facilitating the running of a great community!

  11. Happy birthday, Armand! Best wishes and keep smiling!
    I found this website by chance and it has been on my RSS-list ever since. It’s lost “speed”, though. I’m a moleskine fan, but other notebooks excite me too, so I’m not so happy to see that Notebookism seems to be completely neglected in favour of Moleskinerie… I hope you won’t let it die.
    I’m wishing you (and all of us notebook junkies 🙂 even more fun with both websites 🙂

  12. Happy birthday Armand! Hope you have a great day!

    I have been following your site for a while now, and one of my favourite things you do on here are the ‘Snapshots’. I love to see what fellow Moleskiners are getting up to, and how they use their creativity to fill up their books! May you continue to bring us interesting posts from the world of Moleskine!

  13. First, I wish you a very Happy Birthday, Armand! I hope it is an enjoyable day for you!

    Is this site relevant? Oh, my, yes. I have had Moleskinerie on my Google reader since I found you some years ago, and I read your blog every day. And I was so honored when you contacted me and asked permission to use one of my photos here! My favorite articles are those that show us what other Moleskine users do with their little notebooks. These articles are very inspiring, whether one is an artist, writer, doodler, or journal writer/keeper. I congratulate you on the outstanding job you have done here. Thank you!

  14. Muchas gracias, grand merci, mille grazie. This international community of notebookers and moletakers, artists and writers, is always a favorite rendez-vous. I’ve learned so much from the first posts about how to use, hack and handle a Mole, to the incredible samples of sketching and fine art that came out of the little black notebook. Very inspiring.

  15. I’ve been reading this blog for years. It feeds my Moleskine addiction and inspires me which in turn inspires the kids I work with in our Journaling Club.
    For 6 years, I’ve been teaching kids from the ages of 10-18 the value and importance of expressing themselves through journaling…be it through art, poetry or just simply writing your feelings down.

    We love to see how people use their journals and it gives us a glimpse into other cultures and worlds.
    And I love finding out about all the new Moleskine products before they are even on the shelves!

    I’m loving the “What’s in my bag” feature and flickr group!
    Happy Birthday!

  16. First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
    This site is s relevant that I go in it pretty much every day. I even have a Moleskine Notebook dedicated to how I started note keeping, how I discovered Moleskine and all my personal sightings with photographs of people that I encounter with these note books. In this book I have a few pages even dedicated to you, and Moleskinerie on how you started etc with your picture copied and pasted. It will be a total shame if you stop maintaining this site.
    best Wishes and Thanks for all you do to promote the art of pen and paper note keeping.

  17. Happy Birthday Armand!

    I have been using journals/notebooks since I was in middle school (I am now 49) and love to write, paste, doodle etc in them. Since I discovered them some years ago Moleskines have always been my favorite. Now my kids are beginning to journal too and they received their first Moleskines about a year ago. Nothing better than passing on a tradition!

    I love to see what others are doing with them which is why I love this site. When you added the “whats in your bag” I liked it even more. I would also love to see pictures of what they have actually done in their moleskines too. Maybe a scan of a few pages. That would be very cool!

  18. Armand! Happy Birthday from a fellow cancer!!!
    I read your blog daily, I have it on reeder on my ipad and feed it to instapaper immediately when a new post comes up on my googlereader (you’re in my favorites folder). I have been a loyal moleskiner since college so I’ve been using them for about 9 years now. I’ve tried every other way of doing notes– taking down ideas, to-dos messages etc– and I always come back to my moleskine. Even now with my ipad, I still reach for my trusty moleskine. I write on the outsides of them in black sharpie the start and end dates and have all my moleskines– ALL OF THEM– on a shelf in my house, just in case. I love reading your blog because it is always nice to see other ideas and uses for the moleskine and to share the love of such a handy little “device”. Keep up the good work!!!

  19. Happy birthday, Armand! I hope you’re doing well!

    Bravo for keeping Moleskinerie going all these years! As other commenters have said, I love seeing how other people use their Moleskines. Being able to peek into someone else’s notebook — either through scans of the pages, or transcripts of what they’ve written — is a guilty pleasure, a kind of creative voyeurism. It’s also interesting to see what Moleskine afficionados do “outside” their notebooks, whether that is blogging, publishing, art exhibits, etc.

    I think this site is more relevant than ever. With more and more folks living digital lives, perpetually plugged into iPods and “connected” via smart-phones, it seems almost counter-cultural to do anything on PAPER. Moleskinerie is a great testament to how touching paper is still relevant in a wired world.

    Again, happy birthday, and thank you for keeping the virtual fire burning!

  20. I have enjoyed visiting this blog – or, for me, in the case of Moleskinerie the term “website” or “forum” somehow seems more appropriate – during these six years. Although I admit that my enthusiasm towards Moleskinerie has simmered down compared to the first few years due to my recent increasing workload and personal obligations, I still feel this is THE home for Moleskine fans.

    As a matter of fact, Moleskinerie has helped me discover new friends who share the love towards the notebook, and I have had the pleasure of exchanging packages not by zip files but by airmail and of meeting some in person as well with whom I have had interesting conversations on issues ranging from the notebook to stationery, literature, family, education, knowledge, etc. together at the same dining table, not online in different time zones. I can say that Moleskinerie has brought people together and given us the opportunity to discover and appreciate different ideas and cultures.

    Regarding the issue of what I would like to see on Moleskinerie, topics on the notebook (or product) are interesting and helpful, but I am more interested in those related to the art of writing, recording, drawing/painting, and perhaps of thinking – in other words, hints on how to use the notebooks series (or notebooks in general) more creatively.

    I sincerely thank Moleskinerie for bringing people together and Armand, who made this possible

    … and …


  21. New reader, via Google Reader. Love the Sightings. Some of the spotlights are cool. Patrick Ng’s leather work and shots were awesome. Site keeps me motivated to keep playing with a notebook.

  22. Hey i have been reading this site since the start and it is by far one of my favorite to read. this realy keeps me in the loop with whats going on with my favorite little black book. Thanks for all the work you put into it. Happy Birthday

  23. Happy birthday, Armand!

    This blog is at the top of my feeds in Google Reader, so I read the posts on a regular basis.

    As a teacher and writer, I regularly use Moleskine products, and I even go as far as to recommend them for daily journal writing in my course syllabi for my composition and creative writing classes.

    This blog has pointed me towards some of the writing tools I have come to rely on. From Pilot G2s to the Rickshaw Moleskine Folio to new Moleskine products like the Passions Book & Movie journals and to Moleskine web features like My MSK, I’ve found them here first. This blog is an invaluable part of my writing life.

    I wish both you and the blog a very good year to come!

  24. Happy Birthday Armand. I stumbled across this blog some time ago and have found it interesting and useful. From it I have branched out across the Moleskine blogosphere and discovered all sorts of interesting (and sometimes wierd) Moleskine ideas. I really enjoy finding out what others do with their Moleskines, although I have not really adopted anyone elses style for my own. I still write only in pencil and rarely draw any pictures in my Moleskine journal – the standard lined hardcover version – but I have a 12 notebook Daily Planner set that gets all sorts of stuff in it, plus a Cahier for writing poetry (again in fountain pen). Keep up the good work.

  25. I think I only found this blog a few months ago and immediately plugged it into Google Reader.

    I got my first Moleskine just before a study abroad trip to Italy and I’ve loved them ever since. It’s just nice to see someone else who appreciates the randomness that awaits a blank Moleskine page. 🙂

    I need to come back to the actual blogsite b/c I didn’t realize you also had videos!

    Thanks for your work and have a wonderful Birthday!

  26. Happy Birthday! Moleskinerie is awesome! Thank you so much. I didn’t know there were “others” like me.
    Thank you

  27. Happy Birthday

    I love your blog. It feeds my love for Journaling, Pens, books, and a lot of other things. I learn so much from this blog. You are doing a great job.

  28. I’ve followed this blog for nearly 3 years now, and its inspired me to write again after a long hiatus. It shows me the amazing things people produce in this classic and stylish notebooks.

    Happy Birthday too 😉

  29. This blog is one of my daily stops online. I love the posts on user’s modification of their Moleskines and sightings of the notebook in movies and TV. Keep up the good work and Happy Birthday.

  30. there’s a heavy emphasis on moleskine sketchbooks, which is all very pretty, but i use mine mostly for words. i’d be interested to see more of this kind of use.

  31. Happy birthday! Keep up the great work! My favorite day of the week in 2010 is SnapShot. It’s so inspiring to see how others are using their Moleskine.

  32. Firstly, Happy Birthday, and many happy returns. This blog has continued to be informative as possible over the years, but more importantly, an inspiration. I understand that the contents of notebooks can be amazing and such creative things, but I think perhaps including content from other notebooks defeats the object of the site. There are plenty of other sites out there that cover notebook ranges, but I feel this site should continue to solely concentrate on the Moleskine range, especially as there have been so many new developments over the past year or so.

  33. First off, Happy Birthday!!

    Relatively new reader here. I love seeing what other people use their notebooks for hence I’m a big fan of the snapshot feature. Might be my favorite thing about the site!

  34. First off, Happy Birthday Armand!

    I chanced upon your blog while looking for information about Moleskine brand products. So far you have offered plenty of interesting insights into the world of Moleskine, the products and also (in a way more importantly) to the uses and users of these products. It is interesting to see the creativity unleashed on the pages of these wonderful note and sketchbooks. I find stories like those very inspirational and would love to see more of them. The new content is good enough to keep me coming back at least once a week.

    What could the future hold… I would like to see product reviews. And maybe a running series of articles where an artist would draw into a moleskine for one week (a page/illustration a day or somesuch) and that would be represented here.

    You are doing great so far, for that I thank you. 🙂

  35. Happy Birthday! I’ve been following this blog for a few years, after I found out that there are other people who feel the same way about Moleskines as I do. I love seeing the notebooks of artists and other creative people. I have gotten so many great ideas from them. Thanks, and keep up the wonderful work.

  36. Happy Birthday!!!
    As far as the site goes, I’ve been reading it now for a couple years. I really like the weekly “How do you use your notebook” series. I enjoy seeing how artists, writers, etc are using. Basically I have no bad things to say!!

  37. Happy birthday, Armand!

    I’ve been following Moleskinerie almost religiously since 2006 and at the beginning of each month, I go into the archives and reread that month’s posts all the way back to 2004.

    I love Moleskinerie and the inspiration it provides through community. I used to know that every morning I could wake up, check Moleskinerie, and get to peruse the latest in Moleskine news & creations – but over the last year or so, a post to wake up to is not necessarily guaranteed. I know that you have other projects and can’t post every single day but please continue to provide us with the best quality Moley material out there 🙂

    Happy birthday again! And thank you!

  38. My favorite thing about this website is access to upcoming Moleskine events/information, and the spotlights of Moleskine users. I’d like to see more “Moleskines in the world” (in films, TV, etc) and links to more ideas on new ways to use Moleskines.

    Love the site, have it in my reader so I never miss a post.

  39. Happy Birthday!
    I’ve browsed this website for a long time, and it always inspires me to create something new with my journals.

  40. Happy birthday and thanks for hosting such a great wesbite. Thanks (a long belated thanks) for once featuring me as the featured artist way back in 2006 or so.

  41. Happy Birthday Armand!

    I have been a long time Moleskine FREAK ahem*aficionado*ahem…. and love this sight.

    My only wish would be to have more content that shows what people are doing in/ on/ with their moleskines. Perhaps to see what people are doing on their blogs… photos of their artwork…. inserts with their prose… whatever.
    Perhaps a link to a FlickR group devoted to Moleskines…
    Perhaps links to specific blogs that detail more Moleskine artwork…
    Perhaps a tutorial area that details techniques people use to preserve pages, etc…

  42. Happy Birthday!! This site has been a source of great ideas and inspiration. I have been a Moleskine user for almost 5 years now and would be lost without one.

  43. Hi Armand

    Belated happy birthday!

    We go back quite a few years. I think this site was one of my first Moleskine related sites. I later also joined the Moleskine group on Flickr.

    I always enjoy visiting the site, altho I don’t do it on a regular basis, but it’s always a pleasant experience. I enjoy “meeting” other Moleskine users and seeing how they use their notebooks and planners.

    I like that you aren’t just a Moleskine person but you started another site called Notebookism for non Moleskine users.

    Keep up the good work. Whatever you do with this site, I enjoy visiting and reading the posts.


  44. Happy birthday! I love moleskinerie and have enjoyed it for many years. I would love the frequency of new posts to increase, it seems the posts have been coming less and less often as of late. Recently I was reading through the archives and was loving the interviews from famous moleskine users, the blog links of people writing about moleskine, the writing and art inspiration posts and the many photos of moleskines. I’d love to see more of this again. I really love the moleskine user snapshops you’ve been doing this year. They are very inspiring and make me feel connected to the world around me. This blog really helps sell moleskines. I can go a while without being tempted to buy a moleskine but then I come on here and want one. Thanks for all the inspiration over the years! I hope this site continues for many years to come!

  45. Armand, I have enjoyed reading this blog for many years now. I enjoy seeing how other readers are modifying and using their Moleskines, which gives me new ideas for using mine. I wish you a very happy birthday, and continued happiness beyond the joys of today’s celebration!

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