“I left my Moleskine notebook in the backseat of a taxi in Paris…”


What to do? This forum thread offers helpful, hopeful hint. 

"You may want to contact the taxi cab company. Esay to find if you remember what it was: G7, taxis bleus… Otherwise, if you have a receipt from the driver, its plate number should help the police to find the company name….You should go to the Lost Property Office in Paris:

Préfecture de Police,

service des objets trouvés,

36 rue des Morillons,

75732 Paris Cedex 15.

Cliquez ici !

Any other lost notebook stories out there? And happy endings?

4 thoughts on ““I left my Moleskine notebook in the backseat of a taxi in Paris…”

  1. It’s not about a Moleskine, but it is about a notebook:

    Last September I was on a more-or-less aimless drive around the Virginia countryside. As I was driving down Antioch Road in Haymarket, I spotted a composition notebook by the side of the road. My curiosity piqued, I turned around and went to pick it up. It turned out to be a collection of notes between a boyfriend and girlfriend – and the girlfriend’s friends. I smelled adolescence all over it, which was confirmed when one of the notes said, “Happy 3rd day of high school!” Ah, freshmen. I remember that age, when everything is melodrama.

    I found them on Facebook and contacted the boyfriend to offer to mail it back to him. I figured since he’d written the first and latest notes, he had a better claim of ownership than anyone else. Only about ten pages were written in (I assume this just started a couple weeks before) and there was, alas, nothing too juicy. Just your standard teenage angst.

    The boy never replied. The notebook’s still in my closet, waiting to be claimed.

  2. On the “left Moleskine Notebook in a taxi cab”

    That should never be a problem if Moleskine owners, as soon as they strip the cellophane wrapper off, enter their information, e.g phone number ( I am not afraid to put down my address as well) on the first page and offer a reward.
    My reward reads: If returned: A couple of pints at your favourite local pub, or coffee at your favourite coffee bar, plus a fresh Moleskine notebook/agenda in it’s original wrapper.
    I’d like to think that if I ever lost this notebook/agenda and it was returned by a nice individual that it would lead to a nice chat over a dink. (I think I got that idea word for word from a Moleskine site.
    Good luck in having it returned.

  3. I don’t have any helpful hints for the person who left the notebook in the cab but do hope this story has a happy ending. I do have a tip/reminder for the rest of us. A well-used moleskine notebook is more than the sum of its contents. It’s a personal treasure in and of itself, and one that can never be replaced. However, it is useful practice to get into the regular habit of scanning one’s notebooks and store them in a digital-cloud system like Evernote. A digital version will never be as valuable as the real thing but the memories will last longer.

  4. Most of the time I ignore the “In case of loss please return to” portion. I have started filling it out however as I have been traveling more frequently. The reward is either $25.00 or bottle of wine.

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