Moleskine’s “What’s in your bag!” is now on FLICKR

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After the success of Moleskine's "What's In Your Bag?" on Facebook, there's now a FLICKR group to accommodate those who wish to share the colorful and oftentimes curious flotsam and jetsam within their purses. 


(Shown above: janina's photo)

10 thoughts on “Moleskine’s “What’s in your bag!” is now on FLICKR

  1. There’s a “What’s in your bag” group on Flickr that’s been around for years and has 10,000 members, if not many more. What’s the difference between that group and this one?

  2. “Name” brings up a good point. There are groups like this that have been around a lot longer and have thousands of members. But I think a better question is, do we need either of them?

  3. We decided to create a brand new group for two reasons basically. First one is because we wanted to highlight those bag photos with a Moleskine in it, and second reason is because we would like to give continuity to the contest we held in Hong Kong in May.
    A part from that, thanks a lot for your precious feedbacks!

  4. “But I think a better question is, do we need either of them?”
    —> You could say that about anything – like uselessly negative comments.

  5. John- True. Do we need either? Not really. The larger group has always been an interesting voyeurism into people’s crap.

    Ron- I would say that your comment is the most useless here.

  6. Wow, name calling. I tip my hat to you, Sir.
    It is amusing how I commented that “this is stupid that you posted this on your blog” comments were as useless as what you thought didn’t belong on Flickr and that you keep proving me right by lashing out at me with a fake “name.”
    But, to clarify:
    Am I a needless douche in that I don’t need to exist? (Am I actually a douche? And one that does not need to exist?)
    Was I needlessly being like a douche without needing to be like a douche?
    or (the better question)
    Is it just douche-like to leave “I think this is stupid/useless” comments on people’s blogs anonymously?

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