Project: Moleskine Diary/Sketchbook Combo


Patrick Ng just did something drastic and good – a combo Moleskine Diary/Sketchbook in Leather Cover:

"The day I decided to use the Moleskine 18 months weekly diary from July I knew I would have problem pulling out what I need from my bag.  It has the same size and look as the Moleskine sketch book I'm using.  Knowing that I will be using both quite often in this coming half year starting from my trip to Tokyo next week, I did something drastic in 30 minutes…"


3 thoughts on “Project: Moleskine Diary/Sketchbook Combo

  1. Great design and execution, as usual. Could you tell me what kind of bag you carry? Thanks!

  2. That is totally cool! Looks a little complicated for me to make but I’d love to buy something like this. Ingenius idea!

  3. Mike, this time I’m using Cote et Ciel messenger bag which is expandable and carries a lot if needed.
    Thanks Kristina, do give it a try, it helps the next project coz every time you gain some skill you will need.

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