Snapshot: Isabelle Boinot


Every week in 2010 we will shine the light on a Moleskine user across the globe, this week's snapshot is on Isabelle Boinot. If you want to be featured in upcoming weeks, please email us!

Name: Isabelle Boinot

Age: 34
Current City: Paris
Job: Artist
Social Network (Facebook, Twitter, et c)


1) What is your current Moleskine notebook?
I have 4 currents Moleskine notebook :
-1 for all my personal lists (things that I want to make,
buy, throw…things that I like, hate,…)
-1 for my recipes (I draw my favorites recipes inside)
-1 for my favorites address in Paris
-and of course my Moleskine pocket weekly notebook for every day

2) How do you use your notebook?
I use my notebooks to draw, make lists and especially to make travel books.
It's a real pleasure to make travels book, It's better than just take pictures : take notes,
draw, paste some tickets or packing…
A treasure book in fact.

3) What's the next place you plan to take your notebook to?
I'll return in Japan this autumn and of course I'll take a special notebook for this travel.

4) What do you want to tell the world?
Note, draw, glue together the elements which make your life and you will learn to know yourselves.