Tim Baynes: Moleskine to monoprint


In London in October there is an exhibition Journeys by Tim Baynes (21 October – 14 November 2010) It represents unique view of cities across the world. The idea was born through six years of Tim Baynes’ far-flung business travels, trusty Moleskine notebook always in hand. During each trip, Tim recorded his observations in spare moments, be they at the beginning of a business day, during the quiet of the evening, or in a few minutes stolen between meetings.

Looking for a way to increase the scale and impact of his travel drawings, Tim turned to mono printing. Tim’s Moleskine to mono print work is about the fleeting impressions of time and place. He is searching for what is special about each place – its mono-ness. Tim calls this process industrialization: scaling up, dramatizing, and enlarging his Moleskine work. The mono print approach, like travel, is often unpredictable and this dimension is entirely appropriate to the task and ’cause’ of this forthcoming exhibition details of which are being finalized in August. 

More detail on the show please visit http://timbaynesart.co.uk/default.aspx 

And blog http://timbaynesart.blogspot.com/

Shanghai Dawn

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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4 Responses to Tim Baynes: Moleskine to monoprint

  1. Anthony says:

    These are beautiful prints, I may print these out and put them in my planner. 🙂

  2. juliet erickson says:

    Tim’s work is wonderful. I have had the pleasure of floating through his Moleskines over the years.

  3. Tracy Phillips says:

    I love the new direction! Really looking forward to seeing them in person at the next exhibition.

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