Moleskine Pen Holder


The name is a little strange but this is one of the most functional and easy to make penholders I've seen. Gnat Gnat boasts of over 10,000 downloads of the pdf instructions. Entirely believable. 

Check it out.

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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4 Responses to Moleskine Pen Holder

  1. Ali S. says:

    Pretty neat! 😀

  2. less ehregr says:

    almost exactly the same as my design rock on.

  3. DK says:

    Many thanks for the feature and linklove – now over 11k downloads and version two is coming soon 🙂

  4. Y.S says:

    I had my own Moleskine pen holder made for me by my tailor (odd ideas can come to head as you get a dress shit fixed…). It has room to hold up to 3 writing instruments and it can fit on the front or back of your Moleskine. Each one is unique as it made by hand. Have a look at the Moleskine pen holder giveaway blog post I made. All it takes is 50 to 250 words on – why I need this…Moleskine pen holder…Good luck!

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