Moleskine in Africa

  Matt Reimer shared a post from his blog on a customized Moleskine "ruggedized" for his part of the world. A cloth cover, a pen holder, an SD wallet comprises the add-ons. As they say, "just add adventure." Thanks Matt!... Read More


myDetour / Mapping Contemporary Venice

  Another exciting Detour event to look forward to, this time in Venice.  The city of Venice seen as a modern, metropolitan city, out of the picturesque, then mapped and reinterpreted on the pages of Moleskine notebooks. This is the... Read More


St. Lawrence Night

  Tomorrow night (August 10) is known as St. Lawrence Night. Laurentius, a Christian deacon, is said to have been martyred by the Romans in 258 AD. As Andrea cited in an earlier post,  "In Italy there is a tradition celebrated... Read More


Custom Moleskine: Haldern Pop Festival

  What started as a small town party in 1981 is now one of Europe's biggest festivals attracting thousands every year. The Pop Festival has featured such artists as Bob Geldof and Patti Smith. To celebrate this event, Moleskine has... Read More


Scription now on TypePad

Patrick Ng has decided to move his blog, Scription (from Vox) to TypePad, citing spam as the primary reason. Patrick's site has become one our favorite stops for stationery-related news and his personal projects and updates. We hope this migration will finally... Read More


Nice pencils

 A shortlist of favorite pencils from Brian Greene at the Herman Miller blog. I like this one: "For the pencil chewer, Smencils are probably your best choice.  They are made from newspaper so they are environmentally friendly, but even more... Read More


Pilipinas Moleskine

Jessica Zafra, author and long time Moleskine user posted about a range of customized notebooks now available in the Philippines. There's a couple of snaps at her blog, Jessica Rules the Universe.... Read More


Don’t leave home without it.

The travel blog, Gadling posted about the Moleskine City Notebooks and a suggestion to leave those PDAs, etc at home and strike it out like the old days – with a map.  "Of course, if you lack a sense of... Read More