Scription now on TypePad


Patrick Ng has decided to move his blog, Scription (from Vox) to TypePad, citing spam as the primary reason. Patrick's site has become one our favorite stops for stationery-related news and his personal projects and updates. We hope this migration will finally spare him from those evil, viral comments.

More power Patrick!


3 thoughts on “Scription now on TypePad

  1. What??? Why is this being posted now??? He moved his blog in February! FEBRUARY! That is half a year ago!
    Good for you Darcy:) I overlooked mentioning the move so I thought I might as well share it now. Nothing to be aghast about. – Armand

  2. oh thanks Armand and Darcy hahahaha, appreciate the update. I need to get back to stationery more coz lately I’ve been updating bits and pieces about photography. Chao.

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